Monday, February 23, 2009


Tonight I'm watching a program on the History Channel that has to do with the fight between the scientists [including Einstein] who preferred the 'Steady State Universe' that never changed—had always existed exactly as it is today—and those who believed the Big Bang Theory.

And I was astounded to learn that, as recently as the 1920's, science thought the Milky Way Galaxy WAS the entire universe!
I hadn't known that.
Then, when I think about the fact that Seth was telling us about parallel universes in Seth Speaks [published in 1972] only forty years later, I'm that much more astounded.
Obviously, Seth was telling us about parallel universes long before science came up with the idea.

Oh, my. I do go all quivery when I discover the fact that Seth, Michael, Casey, Lazaris et al have information before science does.
It keeps me hooked when they delve into places I don't feel ready to go, yet. I just remind myself that they're always a step ahead of me—and, if they weren't, I wouldn't need them as teachers.

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