Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science Catches Up With Seth

About thirty years ago, I read, in Seth Speaks, about parallel universes. Seth said that, each time we make a decision, a new universe spins off. That means that every person, all 6.64 billion of us, is constantly creating universes that go spinning off on their own. Furthermore, every sentient being in the universe [among the ones on our planet, Michael includes whales and dolphins—and I tend to think the great apes are here too and, maybe, meerkats] also creates universes with every decision they make. And, get ready for this: every sentient being who has ever lived on this planet, on every planet in this universe and in every universe, has also created universes with every decision they ever made.

Now, suppose you have a decision to make and——you have more than two options to choose from. Yep, you got it in one: if you have three options to choose from, you create three universes. If four, then four—and so on.
In all of those separate universes, multiple you’s go on living their lives following the consequences of each of those decisions.
And, to boggle the mind even further: if another person is involved in the decision, the two of you double the number of universes you just created.
For instance, suppose you’re working at a company and you need to hire someone. So you send out the word and the resumes come in. You weed them out and decide which ones you will interview. And then you hire someone. Fine. Decision made.
But, you have also hired every person who sent a resume.
And, beyond that, every qualified person who saw your ad in the Help Wanted section of the paper or on also, in at least one universe, responded to the ad.
And, now things get REALLY interesting. You’ve seen family trees, I imagine. Well, your decisions create trees as each decision creates its own consequences. And each alternate YOU makes decisions based on each of those consequences. And so does the person [or infinite number of people] you hired. And on. And on.

Excuse me, after writing the last couple of paragraphs I need to go lie down for a while.
OK, I’m all better now.
Tonight I watched a program on TV and—guess what? It was about parallel universes—only it had nothing to do with Seth or Michael.
Quantum physicists are finally catching up with what Seth was saying 30+ years ago. In fact, they even said that, every time we make even the most miniscule decision, we split apart and the person who made one choice goes in one direction and the person who made the other one [or two or three, etc] goes in the other direction and they ALL land in separate universes.

According to the quantum physicists the collective WE live in an infinity of universes separated from each other by infinitely thin membranes.

As logic dictates—there are many, many universes in which you were never born. In many others, you've already died. And, most likely, you will die in this universe before the last of YOU dies in some universe you have no way of detecting.

The physicists say, too, that the further on a universe goes after the initial decision that brought it into existence, and it has spawned further universes, the more bizarre the later universes become in relation to the universe from which that first one sprang back when you hired that new employee.

Eventually, these universes are nothing at all like their originators—even their physical laws are different from the ones inherent in the originator universe.

I'm getting dizzy again.But, you know what's got me absolutely terrified about all this? What if I voted for Bush? Twice?

Monday, February 23, 2009


Tonight I'm watching a program on the History Channel that has to do with the fight between the scientists [including Einstein] who preferred the 'Steady State Universe' that never changed—had always existed exactly as it is today—and those who believed the Big Bang Theory.

And I was astounded to learn that, as recently as the 1920's, science thought the Milky Way Galaxy WAS the entire universe!
I hadn't known that.
Then, when I think about the fact that Seth was telling us about parallel universes in Seth Speaks [published in 1972] only forty years later, I'm that much more astounded.
Obviously, Seth was telling us about parallel universes long before science came up with the idea.

Oh, my. I do go all quivery when I discover the fact that Seth, Michael, Casey, Lazaris et al have information before science does.
It keeps me hooked when they delve into places I don't feel ready to go, yet. I just remind myself that they're always a step ahead of me—and, if they weren't, I wouldn't need them as teachers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Travel Goes Both Ways?

I just saw a program about Tudor/Stewart England. It seems that the scientists of the 16th century figured out that the moon was another place in space and that, if they could master the technology, people could visit it.
This realization quickly led to the first science-fiction novels. Cyrano de Bergerac was one of the early sci-fi writers and he came up with some astonishing ideas.
His first book suggested harnessing dew, of all things. He reasoned that, in conjunction with the sun’s rays, it would levitate a human being into space. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
In his next book, though, he envisioned ROCKET POWER! And he wrote, from the perspective of the pilot in his rocket, that the earth would dwindle into the distance and be perceived as just another planet—like Mars or Venus [which they had just learned of from Galileo.]
This seems, to me, to be an astonishing leap of logic for the time.
Here’s why this information is in this blog as opposed to one entitled, Esoteric Facts or some such.

In a book of fiction by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul 7, the soul who is being profiled lives a lifetime in 20th century America, then returns in its next incarnation to 14th century England. This isn’t the norm—but it is done often enough that folks who practice “backward living” are, by no means, freaks. [They don't do it every lifetime but, every so often, a soul will do it for a change of pace or to complete some karma or other.]

I’ve often wondered if Galileo was what I call a “backward liver”. And de Bergerac may have been one, too.
And, given the fact that Star Trek came up with science and technology during the 1960's that were discovered/invented decades later, I've wondered the same thing about Gene Roddenberry. If he was, our future may not be so bleak as our situation today suggests. There may be hope for the human race, yet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Great Awakening
Good Luck and May God Bless Us Every One!

Back in the early 1960’s both Seth and Michael told their students that the 3rd Great Awakening was coming up. It was to consist of the planet as a whole moving from one level of awareness [The Young Soul awareness] to the next [the Mature Soul consciousness] and is supposed to have begun in [I think] 1986. This means that the average soul age of the ‘sentient’ beings on the planet [whales and humans] have actually begun tipping over from the late Young Soul Age to the earliest stages of the Mature Soul Age.
The tipping-over accounts for the Baby Boom of the late 1940’s and 1950’s at least as much as all those potential daddies marching home. 1986 was fast approaching and everyone who could get to the planet wanted to be here for the party.
This is understandable as the movement from Young to Mature is the most massive undertaking that occurs within the development of the soul either at the individual level or at the collective level. Any way you look at it, this is a major event.
Such an occurrence, on a more massive scale, may even affect a solar system or a galaxy, I’m not sure.

What I do know is that this planet has embarked on a major change in its outlook—on how the beings on the planet perceive themselves and the world/universe around them. I think we can catch glimmerings of that: the agonizing beginnings of noticing what we’ve done to the planet so far and the initial changes in our approach to it; taking global warming seriously; the growing decision as a species to stop smoking; the early acknowledgements that we’re not the only species on the planet—maybe not even the only important one.
The 1st Awakening [the move from the Infant to the Baby Awareness] is lost in the mists of time. So far as I can make out, it began about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago and was presaged by numerous teachers [mostly women because they were more revered than men during that period and were more likely to be listened to].
The 2nd [from the Baby to the Young Soul Consciousness] was ushered in by Lao Tsu [b. 604 BCE], Siddhārtha Gautama [the Buddha—born 563 BCE], Confucius [b. 551 BCE], John the Baptist [b. about 6 BCE], the Christ Soul [b. about 4 BCE] and, finally, Mohammed [b. 570 CE]. My understanding is that some of these folks were Transcendental Souls though at least three [Lao Tsu, Buddha and Christ] were from the Infinite Awareness Level.
There probably were other teachers, as well—though I don’t know that for sure.
Fwiw, I have long wondered if Pythagoras was transcendental or even from the Infinite. Certainly, his disciples revered him deeply. He was reported to have performed miracles and his teachings went far beyond mathematics and included such ideas as caring for and doing good to others. The fact that he was viewed as crazy by many people and had to flee persecution on at least two occasions lend credence to this idea, in my view. I haven’t found him listed among the teachers in any of the books I’ve consulted, so maybe he was simply a wise soul nearing the completion of his time on the planet.
Anyway, this 3rd time around, people such as Mohandas Gandhi, maybe Martin Luther King, Jr. possibly Robert Kennedy and many others who haven’t yet become well known [or even been born yet—after all, it took about 1000 years for the last batch all to get to the planet] and including women [it’s supposed to be about 50/50 this time] are due to be bringing in the next phase of enlightenment.

They help the rest of us keep our footing as we traverse the change and bring new awarenesses to the forefront [as the last group introduced the idea of a loving, caring Deity and more effective ways for humans to interact than the old eye-for-an-eye method, for instance.]

Lately, however, I’ve been pretty despairing of any Great Awakening. After all, is THIS what we’ve all been looking forward to? It doesn’t seem all that much like an ‘Awakening’ to me. In fact, it’s been looking more like a determined Rearward March.
Then, I remembered the fact that, prior to the last Great Awakening, the majority of cultures held a fair amount of tolerance for each other. At least, the ones on which we have historical documentation did.
Oh, sure, if they wanted to slaughter each other, they did that at a pretty alarming rate. But, they pretty much tolerated other traditions and even accepted each other’s values and gods.
Most cultures revered multiple gods and recognized that there might well be other gods out there that they didn’t know about so it would behoove them to make nice to any gods other city-states paid homage to. Several cultures [the Athenians among them] even had temples dedicated to The Unknown God.

The Egyptians had gone through a short phase of monotheism and the Pharaoh who ushered in that system was intolerant of other gods for political reasons. But, that period was short lived.

Otherwise, the only monotheistic kid on the block [in Eurasia, at least—my knowledge about the Americas and most of Africa during that period is much less complete] was Judea. And, yes, they were quite intolerant of other people’s gods. What is it about monotheists and intolerance, anyway?
But, even so, it was more a case of keeping those other ‘Barbarian’ gods from having any influence in THEIR culture. So long as those others didn’t try to inflict their gods on the Children of Israel they could have their ol’ gods that weren’t as powerful as YHWH anyhow, so there!
But notice, the last Great Awakening [from Baby Soul to Young Soul awareness] ushered in some pretty heavy duty intolerance toward other cultures. No longer did we practice the idea of, “I’ve got my gods and—hmmm—you’ve got some pretty interesting-looking ones yourself. Mind if I share?” Now, it was, “I’ve got mine and you bloody-well had better have mine, too!”

Partly, this could have had something to do with the fact that we had graduated from the Baby Soul period into the Young Soul phase. Youngs, by their natures are pretty much into showing off how much smarter they are than everyone else [think 8-18 year-olds —who can, when you think about it, be pretty insufferable— especially when there are a lot of them.]

So, we had the persecutions by the Romans of the early Christians and, as soon as the Christians got some power, they neatly turned the tables on everyone else. And there were the political upheavals of the early Church, the discrimination and cruelties practiced against the Jews, the Crusades against the 'Infidel', the witch hunts and Inquisitions of the Medieval and early Renaissance periods, and that about sums up the first half of the Young Soul experience—at least in Europe. As I’ve said, I’m less versed in other cultures.

But that 1st half doesn’t even come close to the absolute carnage we got into during the 18th through the 20th centuries. Many historians perceive that period as just one-long-war-with-a-break-for-lunch.

So, mebbe the Great Awakening is underway—and we’ve got lots more upheaval to look forward to. Oh, goody.
Anyway, here’s a synopsis of what I’ve read about the last Great Awakening—
The Infant Souls [still very numerous on the planet— in fact there were more of them here then than there are now— but that's for another post] were probably feeling a bit intimidated. In fact, the Michael Teachings predict exactly that response [among both Infants and Babies, this time] to the 3rd Great Leap Forward as well.
As I say, most of the younger population this time will be Baby Souls and early Youngs—for various reasons. Still, the infants, being a small and steadily decreasing minority are likely to make up for in paranoia what they lack in numbers.

Most of the people who embraced Lao Tzu’s, Buddha’s and Christ’s teachings were, most likely, late Young, Mature and Old souls. And—just look at what happened to them when they started teaching peace and love. Talk about persecutions! Then, as soon as it got some clout of its own, the Christian Church was more than happy to persecute anyone who didn’t agree with it! So much for peace and love.
And, within the Church itself, people began maneuvering for political dominance. The dogmatists and the gnostics fought among themselves, each claiming to have THE TRUTH on their side. The dogmatists won and declared gnosticism to be heresy. One result of that battle was the fact that numerous books that might otherwise have been included in the New Testament— weren’t.

Could karma have played a hand even in that though?
Here we are on the cusp between the Young Soul Era and the Mature Soul Age and, lo and behold! UP pop the heretical gospels! Coincidence? Or could the consensus on the planet be that we’re ready to reconsider them now? Whatever the reason they’re resurfacing, the timing certainly is interesting.

Just suppose for a moment that that discovery wasn't a coincidence but a conspiracy among the mature and old souls on the planet as a method to begin pointing the Way—maybe we’re not doomed after all?
I just hope we’re more ready for the next batch of Enlightened Ones and give them a warmer welcome than we have Mohandas, Martin and Robert, so far.

Oh, and by the way ——
There are other things happening on the planet that bear mentioning here.
Whether they are related to the Great Tip Over or not, I can’t say — but again, the timing certainly is interesting.

First, let me say that Michael has said that all the sentient beings on the planet who are currently transiting earlier Soul Ages are going to feel the pull. Late Infants are going to start wrapping things up and heading toward Baby Awareness, Babies will begin stretching toward Young and late Youngs in particular will begin moving toward Mature at an accelerated pace.

And here’s what’s got me psyched: Chimpanzees are starting to make some changes. Until recently, zoos could put a troop of chimps on an island surrounded by a moat and visitors could watch them without being hampered by having to peer through bars. Chimpanzees had to be trained by humans not to fear water.
Those days may be on the wane, though. Some troops of chimps in the wild have started having pool parties! They freely enter into rivers, splash and play and seem to be having a great time. [In fact, there is at least one theory that postulates that humans may have begun walking upright as a result of spending great amounts of time in water. And science has shown us that walking upright led to the big brain which led to tool making which led to—us.]
Furthermore, some chimpanzees have begun using more sophisticated tools. Rather, they’ve begun using weapons for the first time—at least as far as the scientists who are studying them can determine.
Chimps have always enjoyed eating meat. But, they would usually chase down a monkey or a bush baby, snap its neck by hand and chow down. Recently, some have been seen to fashion spears.

Could this be a side-effect of the Great Tip Over? Are species that are on the verge of sentience getting dragged along just as younger humans are? If so, now THAT’S interesting!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Evidence of the Tip-Over? Oh, YES! PLEASE!

I read, several years ago, about the Great Tipover from the Young Soul worldview to the Mature method of dealing with the world and each other. And, I admit it, I looked forward to the changeover. Michael got my hopes up. Maybe more than was warranted – but there you are.

I have to admit. What I see happening in the world today wasn’t what I had in mind when I was reading, back in the 1970’s, about the coming Change.

But, every so often, something happens that brings me back to my idealist center - - that IS my Attitude, after all. And I begin to hope again. This is one of those times.
14-year-old Rachel Sampson has been voted homecoming princess at her high school in Poway in southern California. Rachel has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Her mother, Kathleen Sampson, says of her, “Rachel has a lot of friends, but she doesn’t socialize outside of school, that’s a little too difficult for her right now.” As a cruel prank, some students put Rachel’s name on the ballot for homecoming princess. But then, after other students learned about it, they rallied around Rachel. They voted for her — and she won.

Rachel wasn’t discouraged [about the prank]. “I decided that if it was a mean joke, it would drive those kids really nuts if I actually won and had a lot of fun with it.”

Rachel’s mom got on Facebook and spread the word about what had been done to Rachel. It went viral

“The community of Poway and the students at Poway High School do not tolerate bullying, and they made that very clear with their voting,” Kathleen said.

And if Rachel thought she had a lot of friends before, she’s certainly got a lot more now.

“I’m just hoping that other kids who have been bullied are going to get a message from this and other kids who are bullies realize what they’re doing is wrong,” Rachel said.

So, some Poway High School students attempted to intimidate and mock Rachel and their actions backfired. Their intended victim did not run and hide; in fact, a positive outcome resulted.
And the kids who rallied around Rachel were born AFTER the date Michael and Seth set for the Great Awakening! How’s that for evidence?

OK, yes, so were the ones who pulled the prank. But - just because we've tipped over doesn't mean there are no Babies or Youngs left on the planet. Look around you! They're still very present. And they're acting out the very anxiety about the changes that Michael predicted.

But, as Michael has pointed out and I noted here: as the Tip-over gets under way, younger souls are going to feel the pull to work toward maturing, themselves. This could be one of those times. Maybe the bullies don't just have egg on their faces - - - maybe they'll take a lesson from this and move forward.
Now that IS reason for optimism!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Edgar Cayce—and Me—On Atlantis

About 2,400 years ago, Plato wrote a piece about Atlantis. He said it existed ‘beyond the pillars of Heracles’. That places it in the Atlantic Ocean.
Plato described it as having 7 walls circumlocuting the island. The first five walls were painted red, blue, yellow, white and black. The inmost two were covered in silver and gold.
Plato was, certainly, reporting a story that had been passed down for generations prior to his time.

Now, the Persian Empire’s treasury was located in a remote city high in the mountains. Called Ecbatana, the city also held the summer palace of the Persian Emperors and, before them, the Medean Kings. The city boasted the exact wall configurations attributed to Atlantis. The silver wall encompassed the ruling family’s quarters, the royal court and the inner temple complex. The gold wall enclosed the treasury.
Plato was writing his story before the time of Alexander the Great’s conquest of Asia. The treasury city of Persia was unknown to most Greeks—it may have been unknown to Plato. However, it certainly added some nice embroidery to the Atlantis story which may or may not have come to Athens from Persia.

Now, fast forward to the 1920’s. Edgar Cayce was lying on his couch in his home in North Carolina, hands folded. He began talking about Atlantis, an island he had never heard of before.
He told of a civilization that was far ahead of others of the time.
I don’t recall the details of the civilization. However, I do know of the report of some calamity that overtook the island. Reports vary— it may have been a volcano eruption, it may have been an earthquake. In any case, reportedly, the island split and sank beneath the waters of the Atlantic. As many people as were able fled the island in their boats. They must have scattered to the four winds.
According to the channeled reading of Edgar Cayce, the people on the island had ‘red’ skin.

Now, fast forward again to the present day.
I recently saw a program on the History International Channel.
In it, evidence of the arrival of Native Americans from the east was explored.

We all know of the evidence of Indians arriving from the west. Several influxes of people crossed the Bering Strait during the last Ice Age when the sea level was considerably lower than it is today.
These people traveled along a corridor between glaciers that passed through what is now Canada into the current US. As the ice melted, they settled the western half of the North American continent and made their ways into south America.
That scenario is well documented and accepted.

However, recent finds of an unrelated group of early North Americans have scientists baffled.
Known as the Pre-Clovis People, they are thought to have arrived about 18,000 years ago.
At about the same time the people were coming into this country from the west this group arrived on the east coast. The difference is, they didn’t have a land bridge to cross on foot.
Their artifacts differ significantly from those of the earliest settlers from the west. Their arrowheads, in particular, are extremely different.
Clovis arrowheads are chipped from a single piece of flint while the earliest western arrowheads are made of bone with inset flint flakes. The two technologies are vastly different from each other.

Now— wait for it —a similar technology has been discovered in France, of all places. The arrowheads are slightly different but both bear the distinctive ‘Clovis Notch’. The small differences between them can be attributed to nothing more than taste preferences of the toolmakers.
One reason why scientists are so baffled by the Clovis People is that they simply cannot wrap their minds around the idea of people coming here by boat from France at about the time of the Ice Age or, possibly, before it.

I’m about to go out on a limb here where, I’m certain, no scientist would follow. But, since I don’t have a scientific reputation to protect, I’m not afraid of some wild speculation.

Suppose the Clovis people didn’t come here from what is now France. Suppose they weren’t native to France at all?
Suppose they lived on a large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
We might as well call it Atlantis — although, almost certainly, they didn’t call it that.
Now suppose the island blew up or split apart. Everyone who could get to a boat ran away as fast as they could. There was no rhyme or reason to their direction. Just getting away was their goal. So, some ran north, some fled south, some went east—and landed in France, and some fled west and ended up in Virginia.

Of course, the French don’t have ‘red’ skin today. But there were already people there when the Atlantians arrived. They settled down and mated with the ‘white’ skinned majority and their gene for ‘red’ skin was eventually selected out.
The people who landed in Virginia, though, found no one to mate with. They mated within their own groups for several thousand years before meeting up with the groups who had arrived from across the Bering Strait. So, the ‘red skin gene’ was not diluted.

This theory is, of course, based on nothing more than speculation.
But, I do believe Casey’s guides knew what they were talking about. And, it’s easier for me to believe that two cultures across the Atlantic Ocean from one another who had virtually the same technology came from a place midway between the two continents and made the journey out of their most desperate needs rather than the scenario of a small group ambling down to the beach and setting off on a journey when they had no reason to believe that they would eventually find land on the other side of the Great Water.
Tonight [August 29, 2009] I'm watching yet another documentary on the Clovis Mesoamericans.
Some scientists suggested a scenario in which people who originated in Europe might have accidentally traveled to what is now North America. And one argued against that suggestion.

He noted that the DNA of the Indians that crossed from the area that is now Russia does share characteristics with the Eastern Russian people of today. And then he said, "If the Clovis people came from Europe we would expect similarities between the DNA we have found in their bones and current European DNA. And we don't. Why not?"

And my response to him and to those who postulate the crossing of Europeans:
"Because they came from a point between this continent and Europe — just like Cayce said."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Diatribe—Sorry

When I was about 26 years old, Cecil, an older colleague and I were discussing reincarnation. I asked him his take on the reasons for it all. I’ve always remembered his answer. He said, “I think God is hooked on growth.”

That simple statement introduced me to an entirely new concept of God. For the first time, I began to comprehend God as something that is not, by its nature, static—but something that is dynamic, growing and developing. That idea fit so well, for me, and I liked it so much better than the traditional all-knowing-perfect-Being-without-blemish, that I took it and ran with it—never to look back.

Prior to that incident, I had grown up in a fairly fundamentalist religion though I had, by the age of 26, pretty much shaken the dust from my sandals. During those years, though, I had been rotely singing the hymn, “Amazing Grace.”
A few years before Cecil and I had that conversation, “Amazing Grace” had begun hitting the big time as the Baby Boomers were getting to the age at which we were beginning to question the Deity and the Jesus-Firsters were hitting their stride.
And I began to notice what the words of that song actually said. The hymn described the singer as a ‘wretch’. And I totally rebelled against that definition of myself. I perceived myself as a ‘seeker’ though I never did join the Jesus-Firsters. That movement struck me as a fad—which, I think, it did turn out to be.

Also, at about the same time Cecil and I had our talk, I read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. That science fiction book made the startling suggestion that souls can’t be lost and don’t need to be saved! What a revolutionary idea for a little Southern Baptist girl living in the very buckle of the Bible Belt!

Well, obviously, I’ve strayed a far piece from the Fundamentalists since my early twenties [well before I had that talk with Cecil]. F’rinstance, I’ve read all the books in the side-bar—and then some.
I’ve studied the political upheavals of the early church and I comfort myself with the idea that in some portion of the infinite universes we have, together, created, the gnostics not only won those first struggles the infant church went through but, in at least some of those universes, stayed true to their primary principle that mediation between the individual and the All that Is is not necessary. Maybe they, too, understand that souls can’t be lost. Maybe they didn’t need to develop the concepts of sin and a Hell to toss the ‘sinners’ into if they didn’t toe the line in regards to the doctrines of the Church.

And, maybe, if there are such universes, the people who live there accept other people as they are rather than try to make them over to be just like themselves. Maybe there was no Manifest Destiny Doctrine on that Earth. Maybe skin color, gender, gender identification and religion aren’t used to divide and to prove superiority and inferiority.

My main regret, I suppose, is that I am not currently aware of living in THAT universe as opposed to this one.

And, the reason for my apology in the title is this:
My Goal overleaf is that of acceptance and, I admit, I’m not coming across as all that accepting in this post.
I didn’t set out to write a diatribe, believe me. That’s just how it came out—and I’m gonna accept the part of me that does get angry about what I see happening in the world these days and down through the histories that I’ve studied.

I’ll try and do better with my Acceptance goal regarding the planet tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Fifth Internal Monad

I remember the moment when I consciously, emotionally, understood that I would die:
I was 25 years old and was having supper with my extended ‘family of choice’.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, I recognized a fallacy I had been living since childhood: the idea that I would reach some predetermined age at which point my body would begin to ‘youthen’. I would become younger day-by-day until I reached infancy and would then begin to age again. This process would go on infinitely.
This belief had been buried so deeply that I didn’t even know it was inside me until, suddenly, I realized at a conscious level, that it was untrue.
I think the reason why it came to me in such a blinding flash was the fact that I had reached the moment in my life when the ‘youthening’ was supposed to begin. And it didn’t. In that moment, I recognized that, assuming I lived out a normal lifespan, I would grow old and, one day, I would die.

I hark back to that evening as the moment when I became an adult.
Today I was perusing some of the Michael Teachings and came across this piece. It fits so perfectly for me, I thought I’d pass it on.
Although it discusses one of the latest stages of life, it’s still a good read, even if you’re too young to begin the transition yet. It will help you know what’s coming and how to meet it with serenity and grace.

Altogether, there are 7 monads:
1] Birth
2] The two-year-old transition when the child begins to fully grasp that it is separate from its mother
3] The moving-out-of-the-nest period when the young adult moves into the world
4] The mid-life ‘crisis’ during which the person begins to look inward to fully manifest the self
5] The senior-citizen monad when the life-review takes place and detachment from the earth plane begins
6] The recognition of death approaching when changes in the body and the soul take place
7] The dying process

At a later time, I’ll hunt for the rest of the monads and profile them here. For now, though, I’m going to go ahead and start in the middle because this one speaks deeply to me—and it’s MY blog, after all! =)

What follows is MY perception coupled with a channeling, by Karen, from Michael.
I have been aware, for some time, without having this channeling to guide me, that I had been living in the 5th monad level of awareness though I didn’t have a name for it. And, I think I may have recently begun moving into the 6th monad.
Coming, as we are, out of the Young Soul Awareness Level [when staying eternally young, healthy and active is the personality’s priority] and taking our first tentative steps into the Mature Awareness it should come as no surprise that many, many people on the planet have been rebelling against the arrival of the 5th monad. Hell, many even fight against Number 4—the mid-life-crisis—thereby making it much more of a crisis than it needs to be.

Our current society makes it difficult to gracefully accept growing old. From a young age we are bombarded by commercials that urge us to ‘get rid of the gray’, to lose weight, and take pills in order to ‘feel better’. The aches and pains of old age are to be avoided at all costs.

It used to be [and still is in some cultures—but not the US and several European countries] that our elders were listened to. Their experience on the planet was recognized and their advice was sought. With the disjoining of the family in the US during the latter half of the 20th century, older people were pushed into nursing homes. Their counsel was no longer valued. And the 5th monad became something to be feared rather than willingly received.
According to Michael, those who rebel against the 5th monad are more likely to experience such things as Alzheimer’s Disease, a lessening of bone density and other symptoms of “old age” than people who simply accept the process.

Michael also says that we, as a species, need to return to the acceptance of the aging process in order to complete our transition from the Young Soul period through the Mature consciousness and move into the Old awareness.
This is a long-term process which won’t be completed in our lifetimes. It will though, I think, behoove us individually if we can begin to acknowledge the fact that we will age and, eventually, we will die.
I know it has helped me on the individual level. During my 30’s and 40’s, the awareness of my death helped me to come to terms with the eventuality.
The hardest part to accept, for some time, was the fact that the world would keep on spinning without me—vast numbers of people would live out their lives never knowing that I had even existed.
During my early 30’s, I was given 2 home-made grave markers from the 19th century. I hung them on my wall with a beaten copper sun icon. That grouping represented the concept that the sun would continue to rise each day after I died—and little-by-little, I became comfortable with the idea. In essence, I grieved my death before I was faced with it.
Not being there, yet, I can’t say for certain that the transition will be easier as a result but I think it may be.
Anyway, galloping back to the Michael Teachings, here———
Throughout history, ceremonies have been used in many cultures to mark a number of the monads. In the Jewish community, for instance, the bris, the betrothal, marriage, sitting shiva and funerals were used.
Catholics used the christening and the first communion as well as marriage, wakes and funerals.
And so on.

But, notice—the 4th, 5th and 6th monads are noticable only by their absence. I’m speculating here but I wonder if that is one reason people find them difficult to process. It’s somewhat of a feedback loop. We don’t mark those passages with ceremony because we find them uncomfortable to contemplate. And we continue to find them uncomfortable because we, as a society, ignore them and do not mark them with ceremony.

Michael says we lose a great deal as a result of refusing to pay attention to the 5th monad.
First, the individual loses because s/he is pushed into a ‘caregiving’ facility. Their experience is ignored and, possibly because of this, some older people do begin to sound rather silly. After all, if no one is listening, they have little reason to pay attention to themselves.
And second, the culture loses because the younger generations don’t receive the wisdom their elders could impart to them.
There is more, even, than that though. I, for one, recall a time before the complete disjoining of the family was finalized. Most weekends, my family piled into the car and we took off for our grandparents’ house. Most often we visited my mom’s parents and I spent endless afternoons sitting in grandma’s lap while she read to me. Or we shucked peas together. Or she let me feed the chickens. Or I climbed the tree behind the house while she looked on in admiration. She had time for me in a way my parents, busy with their lives, didn’t. Today, when grandparents live an airplane’s journey away from their grandchildren, how many kids grow up without that kind of nurturing?
Michael says that we, collectively, are beginning to choose to move back toward paying attention to the 5th monad. We are starting to recognize what we lost during the second half of the last century and seek ways to regain it. They say we are likely to begin noticing the first changes during the next generation or so.
Though Michael didn’t say so, I wonder if the current financial crisis may make a difference. More people may lack the resources to place aging parents in nursing homes and may, instead, opt to receive them into their own homes. As a result, more children may grow up in 3-generation households and spend time with their grandparents in a way their parents never did. This could make for a gentler society in the future than the one we have now. This can only be to the good.

What Michael DID say was that this change will not come without upheaval. It reminded us of the unrest of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and said we will experience just that sort of disorder during this transition.

Already, though, I’ve begun noticing the change. I had chalked it up to the fact that our demographic is aging faster than usual as the Baby-Boomers begin to move toward retirement. If you watch TV at all, you have probably noticed more older people in the commercials. And these aren’t just commercials that advertise medications, life insurance, fiber supplements and the like. They are spokespeople for clothing and cereal and cars and furniture and electronics and and and. . . .

Michael says more is to come.
It said that the changes will occur at the molecular and DNA levels.
Michael said that, as our species developed, the rate of aging of the body changed. People aged quickly to begin with—20 years of age was old [the equivalent, today, of about 75] and death occurred at about that time. Today, we have proceded to about a 1:1 ratio—so living 50 years on the planet means, for most of us, about 50 years worth of body aging. This may seem obvious but Michael says it is not. It says that genetic changes are occurring [in fact, newborn babies now have them encoded in their systems] that will cause our bodies to age at half the rate they have recently been aging. This doesn’t mean that we will live to the ripe old age of 125 to 150, however. Rather, we will be able to retain our activity levels for a longer period of time.
Being now at the age of creaking bones, I can only welcome this news. My next lifetime [assuming my chronology is in sync with the planet’s and I’ll return about 200 years in the earth’s future] just might result in somewhat less body pain during its last years. Hooray!

Michael gave us a couple of exercises which I will quote here. You might pass them on and practice them yourself if you’ve a mind to.

Here’s the first:

Imagine a fashion magazine, replete with photographs of people wearing the latest fashions. These people all are also wearing the marks of a life well-lived. Imagine now dramatic new developments in medicine, allowing one to escape from what was seemingly inevitable in the aging process. Diseases such as arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and all coronary disease, are now non-existent. There is no geriatrics specialty in medicine any more. Imagine also sweeping reforms in funding for people of all ages. Programs are now in place to enhance the lives of all. Older adults are no longer alone and unwanted; in fact they are welcomed as a necessary part of the social strata and are honored and revered as wise elders.

And here’s the second:
Michael recommends that it be practiced daily for at least a month.

Breathe deeply and relax.

Picture a planet replete with all the flora and fauna which she once contained. Embrace them as your brothers and sisters.

Next become one with a certain species for which you feel an attachment, for example, an antelope. Become the antelope, grazing with the herd. Feel the portent of coming change, and embrace it as well. You know that your species may die out due to atmospheric changes or other factors but this is inevitable and you embrace the change.
You know that deep within, you will return to the Tao and all is well.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Picture a forest and the trees therein. Become an ant walking up a tree branch into the sunlight. Know that if you walk too long in the sun you will perish, but you crave its warmth nonetheless. Make your choice and abide by it.

Breathe in, breathe out.

You now are the Earth, turning seemingly endlessly in space, spinning, spinning, ever slower, ever closer to the cooling Sun. Breathe in, breathe out. You are a mass of hydrogen gas forming and unforming, expanding and contracting.

Breathe in, breathe out.

That is all.

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Opinion on Opinions

I just had a pretty rude awakening. This idea is brand new so if it’s still fuzzy around the edges, my apologies—please bear with me.

Here it is:

Today I received an email from a forum I subscribe to in which folks submit a question and people are invited to drop in and debate the issue. Many are just silly, imo, and I ignore em. Like ‘What’s your dog’s favorite food?’ or some such. But many ask questions that I consider important and I feel compelled to drop by and offer my 2c—4c if I’m feeling long-winded—which I often am.
Anyhow, today someone asked, “Who should make the decision regarding gay marriage?” I was gratified to see the number of people who responded with the idea that the couple involved should make that decision.
Since that coincided with my view, I considered it wise and cogent.

After dropping off my comment, I rebutted a number of people who quoted the Bible to prove that LGBT’s should not be allowed to marry or said ‘they’ are just in it for the tax benefits or compared them to criminals of various stripes, etc. etc.

After I finished up over there I deleted the email that had brought the matter to my attention and went back to reading the newspaper but the question kept nagging at me and I went through this dialog with myself:

‘I know my view is right. Ga
ys should be allowed to marry and it’s no one’s business but their own.’

‘A lot of people [not the majority in that forum, I don’t think, but a lot nonetheless] disagree with that viewpoint.’

‘Well, I’m right. Gays are people who deserve the same rights as straights. It’s that simple.'

'A lot of people disagree.'

'They’re wrong.'

'Still. . . .'

'I’m right. I know I’m right.'

And then it hit me. I’m right for me.

There were people in the forum who were speaking for God. They are absolutely
certain they're right. While I believe it’s the height of hubris to tell other people who God loves or, even more ominously, who God hates, that is what I believe.

In fact, when I call the creator the All that Is the entire point becomes moot.
If the All that Is is All that Is, it is straight people and gay people and conservatives and liberals and
agnostics and atheists and Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists and Wicca and Christians [even radicals of all those philosophies] and antelopes and mammoths and butterflies, and stars and planets and hydrogen and uranium and nitrogen and mercury and whales and grass and trees and sharks and trout and dung beetles and leopards and lap dogs and and and——— how could it be otherwise?

But still—either every dot on the circle truly IS where it needs to be or it isn’t. And my views are no better nor worse than the people who believe the literal interpretation of Leviticus.
When I look at the world as it is, it’s a hard concept to acknowledge sometimes—most times, when it comes to that.
Hitler’s stance was as acceptable as mine?
Musselini’s position was?
The people who plied the slave ships during the 19th century held view points about slavery that were as legitimate as mine are?
People who believe a loving Father would condemn its children to everlasting fire and putrefaction hold a justifiable belief?
People who interpret the Bible literally are right?

The people who ordered the torture of the ‘detainees’ and those who carried it out held defensible opinions?
People who disbelieve evolution hold a compelling view?
People who believe that gay marriage will threaten them have valid points to make?

It seems so simple when I’m reading Seth or Michael and they say, “It’s all good. It’s all about learning.” From my easy chair, it’s not too hard to accept that prospect. But, when I go to put it into practice it twists and turns in my hand.

I know I don’t have the luxury of seeing all this from the Causal Plane [I wish I did] but———when all is said and done———it’s either true or it’s not. Right?

Your thoughts on this
would be welcome. My head is swimming a bit right now.