Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Travel Goes Both Ways?

I just saw a program about Tudor/Stewart England. It seems that the scientists of the 16th century figured out that the moon was another place in space and that, if they could master the technology, people could visit it.
This realization quickly led to the first science-fiction novels. Cyrano de Bergerac was one of the early sci-fi writers and he came up with some astonishing ideas.
His first book suggested harnessing dew, of all things. He reasoned that, in conjunction with the sun’s rays, it would levitate a human being into space. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
In his next book, though, he envisioned ROCKET POWER! And he wrote, from the perspective of the pilot in his rocket, that the earth would dwindle into the distance and be perceived as just another planet—like Mars or Venus [which they had just learned of from Galileo.]
This seems, to me, to be an astonishing leap of logic for the time.
Here’s why this information is in this blog as opposed to one entitled, Esoteric Facts or some such.

In a book of fiction by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul 7, the soul who is being profiled lives a lifetime in 20th century America, then returns in its next incarnation to 14th century England. This isn’t the norm—but it is done often enough that folks who practice “backward living” are, by no means, freaks. [They don't do it every lifetime but, every so often, a soul will do it for a change of pace or to complete some karma or other.]

I’ve often wondered if Galileo was what I call a “backward liver”. And de Bergerac may have been one, too.
And, given the fact that Star Trek came up with science and technology during the 1960's that were discovered/invented decades later, I've wondered the same thing about Gene Roddenberry. If he was, our future may not be so bleak as our situation today suggests. There may be hope for the human race, yet.


Matthew | Polaris Rising said...

Oversoul Seven is one of my absolute favorite books. It has both the wisdom and the play - so important for a sage.

One thing Karen channeled recently is that our ideas of lives being sequential is not really true. It was what people understood, so that was what came forward. We tend to experience explorations a theme in sequential timeline, but not always. That's why there's a connection with Atlantis for many, even though it was so long ago. For those, it wasn't!

two crows said...

hi, Matthew--
so, does 'backward living' happen more often than I had thought?
that would be so cool.
it would, I think, explain lots of things.
like Galileo for instance.

and I sure like the idea that Gene Roddenberry was giving us a glimpse of our future.