Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science Catches Up With Seth

About thirty years ago, I read, in Seth Speaks, about parallel universes. Seth said that, each time we make a decision, a new universe spins off. That means that every person, all 6.64 billion of us, is constantly creating universes that go spinning off on their own. Furthermore, every sentient being in the universe [among the ones on our planet, Michael includes whales and dolphins—and I tend to think the great apes are here too and, maybe, meerkats] also creates universes with every decision they make. And, get ready for this: every sentient being who has ever lived on this planet, on every planet in this universe and in every universe, has also created universes with every decision they ever made.

Now, suppose you have a decision to make and——you have more than two options to choose from. Yep, you got it in one: if you have three options to choose from, you create three universes. If four, then four—and so on.
In all of those separate universes, multiple you’s go on living their lives following the consequences of each of those decisions.
And, to boggle the mind even further: if another person is involved in the decision, the two of you double the number of universes you just created.
For instance, suppose you’re working at a company and you need to hire someone. So you send out the word and the resumes come in. You weed them out and decide which ones you will interview. And then you hire someone. Fine. Decision made.
But, you have also hired every person who sent a resume.
And, beyond that, every qualified person who saw your ad in the Help Wanted section of the paper or on also, in at least one universe, responded to the ad.
And, now things get REALLY interesting. You’ve seen family trees, I imagine. Well, your decisions create trees as each decision creates its own consequences. And each alternate YOU makes decisions based on each of those consequences. And so does the person [or infinite number of people] you hired. And on. And on.

Excuse me, after writing the last couple of paragraphs I need to go lie down for a while.
OK, I’m all better now.
Tonight I watched a program on TV and—guess what? It was about parallel universes—only it had nothing to do with Seth or Michael.
Quantum physicists are finally catching up with what Seth was saying 30+ years ago. In fact, they even said that, every time we make even the most miniscule decision, we split apart and the person who made one choice goes in one direction and the person who made the other one [or two or three, etc] goes in the other direction and they ALL land in separate universes.

According to the quantum physicists the collective WE live in an infinity of universes separated from each other by infinitely thin membranes.

As logic dictates—there are many, many universes in which you were never born. In many others, you've already died. And, most likely, you will die in this universe before the last of YOU dies in some universe you have no way of detecting.

The physicists say, too, that the further on a universe goes after the initial decision that brought it into existence, and it has spawned further universes, the more bizarre the later universes become in relation to the universe from which that first one sprang back when you hired that new employee.

Eventually, these universes are nothing at all like their originators—even their physical laws are different from the ones inherent in the originator universe.

I'm getting dizzy again.But, you know what's got me absolutely terrified about all this? What if I voted for Bush? Twice?


Dave Dubya said...

And there's a universe where Gore won as well. And you voted for him.

I wanna go to a universe where Gore won...twice.

Infinite variations on infinite possibilities. It reminds me of the Fred Bear sci-fi book Eon.

All worlds were connected by one singularity running through them.

Dave Dubya said...

Another thing comes to mind on this topic.

A good illustration of the concept of infinite variation and process is in music. If you've ever seen the Grateful Dead, you know they never played the same show twice.

And within each show the same songs were never played identically twice. They were the model of group improvisation.

The same would hold true for jazz. When the musician improvises he will always construct the music in a different way. He will alter a note or phrase of the melody or rhythmic accents and elaborate on the modification. Improvised music is the expression of the infinite.

Jazz could thus get "way out there" and every Dead show had a unique group improv piece called "Space".

two crows said...

oh, Dave!
you made my day!
gee, I wish we both lived in the universe where Gore had gotten what he deserved in 2000 and won again in 2004.

can you imagine today's world? no economic crisis, stem cell research much further along [my mom might not have succumbed to alzheimers last year], all americans covered by health insurance, global warming and other pollution being addressed, corporations being sanely regulated, healthy banks, etc. etc. etc.
and, I never went to a Dead concert. :(

maybe musicians are our connection to the infinite.

I'll have to look up Eon. it sounds like you liked it. do you recommend it?

Dave Dubya said...

Oops, make that GREG Bear.

I was never a big sci-fi reader, but Eon resonated with me. Of course, there's a sequel, Eternity, which I suggest as well.

And there's a prequel, but that was a seperate tangent to the story.

Above our planet hangs a hollow Stone, vast as the imagination of Man. The inner dimensions are at odds with the outer; there are different chambers to be breached, some containing deserted cities; and the furthest chamber contains the greatest mystery ever to confront the Stone's scientists.

Here, from the other side of time, come: THISTLEDOWN, the asteroid starship of a future that is not quite our future; GAIA, a parallel reality where Alexander the Great's empire has ruled for two thousand years; and THE WAY, an infinite corridor through space-time which traverses and encompasses whole universes. And as the strands of these mysteries are unravelled, so the ordering and the end of mankind -- and our entire Universe -- come into question.

two crows said...

thanx for the info on Eon and Eternity, Dave.
I've been checking em out over at amazon and am just about ready to take the plunge.
acourse, my blogging may suffer for a while if I've got a couple of good books to read. :)

two crows said...

one more, Dave [I hope you receive this]--
what's the title of the prequel to Eon?

I bought Eon and Destiny on Amazon, but I couldn't tell, from their descriptions, which of the other books was in the series.


two crows said...

one more, Dave--
I was rereading your synopsis of 'Eternity' and had a thought.

Michael's name for God is 'Tao' meaning 'Path'.
And, when I saw your description of the WAY, I thought of that.
It's a pretty good description of 'God' as Michael describes it.

hmmmmm-- I wonder if Greg has studied Michael. . . .