Friday, January 30, 2009

More on the Young/Mature Planetary Shift

Joya Pope channeled the book, Upcoming Changes, during the 1980's and an update in the 1990's regarding the upheavals we can expect as we navigate the move from the Young Soul awareness to the Mature Soul mindset.

In the book, Michael warned us that the youngest soul-aged people [Infants and Babies] will become more and more paranoid as we make the transition and are likely to remain so till things settle down again. Generally speaking, they are fearful of change of any sort and are likely to respond with violence to things they perceive as threats.
And well, what can be more threatening than the entire planet changing its focus? The fact that the current transition is the most humongous that any individual soul or species makes during its time on the planet creates a certainty that the next few decades or centuries are likely to witness some very —ermmmm— interesting situations, indeed.

Now Michael, viewing all this from the Causal Plane, sees things differently from the way we do. They perceive everything, even the most violent occurrences, in terms of Growth with a capital G. We, on the other hand, being tied in with the human suffering such fear generates, tend to see the smaller picture.
Both views are valid, of course. Still, I like Michael’s perspective better and wish I could see things that way. Sometimes I hate being human.
Anyway, my opinion [backed up by Michael], is that the terrorism that began years before the 9/11 plan was a gleam or a glimmer in bin Ladin's eye is a direct result of the paranoia in response to the transition.
So was the response to the first incident of terrorism on US soil: profiling, arrest without provocation, torture, attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, shredding the Constitution. Babies were in charge in this country—and it showed. And all these doings weren't, by any means, the first terrorism this country engaged in, fwiw.
So is the genocide we've witnessed on virtually every continent during the last few decades. Anyone who is not like me is to be hated and feared.
And so is the current penchant of very young souled nations [those with a majority of Infants and/or
Babies] to elect fundamentalist religious governments or accept dictators with little fuss. Those soul ages like being told what to do and how to live. So, when Brown Shirts are marching through the streets, the civilians salute. They feel safe from perceived Outside Dangers.
And, when the morality police beat women in the streets, the populace figures they must have had it coming.
Likewise, because very young souls want to be told how to live, they become bewildered when those of us who are older rebel when they try to force us to live by their sense of what is right.
The murders of people like Dr. Tiller are further evidence of that paranoia. He wasn't the first to be killed in the name of God and he will not be the last.
The more and more strident rhetoric coming from the Far Right in this country and others stems from the reality that more and more people are finding their views irrelevant. Their response is to scream louder.
Just as a toddler throws a tantrum to make a point, so Baby Souls believe that, if they scream loudly enough, they can sway others to their point of view.
To paraphrase Michael here, 'They'll learn,' just as those of us who are older than they are now had to learn when we were Babies.

This is one of those times I wish Michael didn't know what they were talking about so much.

On the other hand, I suppose knowing why all this is happening is better than not knowing.
As I see the last greedy gasp and grasp of the Young Souls as they try to hang onto their control over the planet, more and more strident rhetoric coming from the fringe, terrorism, murder in the name of God, I'm less likely to despair of the human race altogether when I remind myself, "How would I feel if my mindset was, 'Maintain the status quo at all costs!' and felt my world shifting under my feet?” I guess I'd panic too.


Matthew | Polaris Rising said...

In a lot of the discussion about soul age, I think there's a bit too much stereotyping. Yes, the idea of baby souls is analogous to Maslow's "Safety" in his hierarchy of needs, but that doesn't mean that automatically resist things. Europe has a lot of baby soul energy now and they're doing well at moving forward at a good pace. Not at a breakneck pace like some of South America, but still moving.

I'm glad you mention that the US is (and this is what most of the world thinks) the main perpetrator of terrorism in the world today. If you define it as something any institution can do, even government, any measurement would have the US up top.

One simple creator of terrorism and conflict is economics. When people don't have anything to lose, they're willing to risk their lives. Their need of safety isn't met. (notice how this relates to baby souls) In the last 35 years, there's been an intensification of the economic pillaging going on and much more concentration of wealth. This creates tension and anger. When there's not much awareness, it can get directed at scapegoats: abortion providers, other religions, illegal immigrants, liberals, etc. It's always good to look for deeper sources for things.

two crows said...

hi, Matthew--
yeah, I think _all_ of us are more on edge right now partly as a result of the move from Young to Mature.
And, we have only to look at both the French Revolution and the aftermath of the American one to see the role the economy plays in social upheaval.

as to the stereotyping-- I just don't know what else to attribute the massive upheavals I see going on around us right now to.
the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th [right up till WWII] saw the same huge disparity of wealth and, while things were uneasy, I don't think they were as stirred up as they are now.
some of our situation may be due to better communication, but still--

Much of Europe is Baby? I hadn't known that. I thought that Holland, Denmark and Sweden, in particular, tended toward Old. And I've read that Italy and Norway are Mature.

Matthew | Polaris Rising said...

Oh the average isn't baby. It's still on average older than us in North America. But if you go to rural areas, you can see strong evidence of baby souls.

In fact, now that the attitude of social welfare and environmentalism has been entrenched into social awareness, a fair amount of baby souls are into that too. Baby soul's aren't necessarily conservative, you understand - they simply want their structured community and to live by what's "right". So many baby souls can have progressive values in Europe.

two crows said...

hi, Matthew--
how're you feeling?

for some years I've been hankering to come back to Holland or Denmark or Iceland next time-- assuming they remain similar to their current outlooks. [I hope my next body is more cold-tolerant than this one.]

All 3 of those look, to me, to be head-and-shoulders beyond the US to my way of thinking.

they do seem to have embraced the evidence of global warming much better than we had till lately [tho our politicians still smear the scientists as much as possible]. Denmark, in particular, is way ahead of us in developing green technology.

And 30 years ago the Danes [who had been drinking and driving much as we do now] suddenly stopped. it's very frowned upon now. today, any time they have a party, the hosts plan on having overnight guests if alcohol is being served.

And, while the US was turning its back on the Jews during WWII, the Danes were hiding them on a national scale-- and it was all volunteer. They shipped thousands of Jews to Sweden under the Nazi's noses.

see why I want to come back as a Dane?