Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Task Companion

[Again, I took this from the Michael Teachings. Almost the entire post came from Joya Pope's The World According to Michael.]
Like our Essence Twin, we choose our Task Companion before we come to the planet for the first time. Unlike the Essence Twin, our relationship, should we meet on-planet, will be much calmer and less chaotic.
Task Companions agree, before a particular lifetime, how they will work together to achieve a common goal, usually a long-standing and probably pretty complicated one. They may start a business together. Or push to accomplish a major task such as desegregation in the U.S. Or a less visible, more personal goal may be undertaken—an increase in self-esteem, say, or self-control.
Or, if one of the pair has a preferred sex, male for instance, and is coming back this time as a female, it’s nice if the Task Companion is along for the ride to help overcome the difficulties encountered in a culture that gives men more breaks than it does women. In this case, the pair may meet and marry in order to carry out this task.
Generally speaking, if they’re going to get together during the lifetime, Task Companions tend to meet later in life. If they come together too early they may become frustrated because they’re simply too young to undertake their agreed-on task, yet. They need to wait until they’re ready to take on the job and the wait can be irritating.
While you choose your Task Companion before your first birth, by the time you’re an old soul you’ve probably picked up a number of minor task companions along the way. These folks are old friends who will help you with other, possibly less long-term, missions you’ve set for yourself.

Often, a mentor who comes along to show a youngster the ropes in a new job or school setting or how to get started in a new community is, all unknowingly, a Task Companion helping to pave the way for getting started on some long-term chore they agreed on before they were born.

This book was written long before Barack Obama became a household name. But it's a pretty safe bet, by now, that we all know that Michelle was assigned to him as a mentor at his first job. And look where they've come to. Makes me wonder if they're Task Companions.
Just sayin.

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