Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Essence Twins

This morning, lying in bed, I realized that I missed a spot—in fact a couple of them. This is a continuation of stuff I’ve gotten from the Michael books and is related to how we develop our personalities—and goes a step further.

Before our first birth, we choose our Essence Twin. This is usually a spirit [fragment] from another entity [entities are groupings of fragments, usually about a thousand or so.] More often than not, our essence twin is of a different Role than our own. This adds depth and breadth to both personalities as we unconsciously draw on each other’s energy and diverse experiences as we return to the physical plane again and again.

The very first time we’re born, our essence twin is being born—within a few minutes and just a short distance away. As a result, we will share a great deal of our earliest physical experiences with her/him. As time goes on and as we experience more and more births, this need for close proximity of time and place decreases and we become less and less dependent on each other—though the close bond between us continues for as long as we continue to take on physical lifetimes and beyond.

Over our numerous lives, we take on more and more characteristics that are similar to those of our twin. And, in fact, when our essence twin chooses to remain on the astral plane while the other twin ‘solos’ on the planet, there is even more bleed-through from the astral twin into the physical twin’s personality than when both are on the planet and concentrating on the complications involved in living on the physical plane. During this situation, our twin beams its energy at us and acts as one of our spirit guides—this is, so I understand, a fairly common scenario during our later lifetimes.
Right now, for instance, my twin is off-planet. It is a Sage and that might be one reason why, although I’m a Scholar, I’ve spent a pretty substantial part of this lifetime teaching others about psychological matters, the environment, etc. etc.
And Sam’s [see the entry regarding the Role of Sage] essence twin is a Warrior. This gives her a more solid, grounded feeling than if she were a pure Sage. It also helps her be more organized and practical.
When both twins are on the planet, they’re usually more different than they are alike especially when you take into account all their shared experiences both here and astrally.
First, their Roles are usually different from each other. And, most commonly, they’ve chosen different [possibly vastly different] overleaves.
There are other characteristics I haven’t covered here, so far, like frequency and male/female energy. These, too, may be similar [easier to handle but more boring from the astral plane’s viewpoint] or they may be polar opposites of each other [astrally, more interesting— as they cause a lot of push-pull between the two souls.]
So, despite their common earthly experiences back when both were very young souls and their deeply shared experiences on the astral plane, they’re hardly identical twins. One illustration I’ve read is that of tearing a sheet of paper in half. The two pieces may look similar or very different from each other but, either way, they are a perfect fit.
As a result, of all this, getting together on-planet is not likely to be a bed of roses. Woe betide the fragments who meet their essence twins and try to have intimate relationships on the physical plane. Despite [or maybe because of] their closeness and many common characteristics and experiences, this makes for an overly dramatic and often chaotic relationship. Your essence twin knows you too well, gets inside your skin and doesn’t let you off the hook.
I’ve read that John Lennon and Yoko Ono are twins. We all know how deep that relationship was/is and how much drama it evoked both between the two principals and among the other members of the band.
Even so, when they can pull it off [as John and Yoko did, despite the drama] the bleed-through phenomenon is almost as strong as when one twin is on the astral plane. Looking at the two it may be difficult to determine who is the Artisan and who is the Scholar [fwiw, John was the high-frequency, female-energied Artisan and Yoko was the much lower-frequency, male-energied Scholar.]

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