Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Seven Roles// #1 Scholar

When we leave the All that Is we are ‘fragments’. Picture a spark of pure white light. One of the first things we do is choose our ROLE. Picture the white spark passing through a prism and becoming one of the 7 colors within the white.
Throughout our entire walk-about—from the time we set out, well before choosing what [if any] planet we will inhabit until we complete the circle and return to the Is, we will maintain that Role.
Since virtually everything else about us will change as we evolve— from our Soul Age, through the overleaves we will take on during each lifetime on the planet [more about those later] to which Plane of existence we reside on, and on and on—it’s rather nice, actually to have something that remains stable throughout the journey [at least, that’s my take on things.]
SCHOLAR [15% of the population]
I’m going to start with the one I know and love the best of all—my own Role.

As the name suggests, Scholars want to know. They have this deep need to know and understand the world and the universe around them. The word ‘Curious’ pretty well describes them. They love to take apart and put together the pieces of the universe till they understand it fully. They ask the question, ‘What would happen if. . . ?’ and then do whatever it takes to find the answer.

Their broader function is to bring knowledge back to the Akashic Record [see the post on the Planes of Existence.]

Each of the other Roles is one of a pair [the Cardinal and the Ordinal] and manifests a different aspect of the inherent perspective they present to the universe and that they view the universe through.
The Scholar, though, stands alone [ask any of my friends—they’ll probably tell you that one is PLENTY. :) ] Picture a 6-spoked wheel: the other Roles are the spokes and the Role of Scholar is the axis—and is considered neutral.

Scholars don’t stand out so much as some of the ones I'll profile later, particularly the Cardinal Roles, do. You’re more likely to find other Roles out there doing things. Scholars tend to hang back and observe those other Roles as they do what they do.
If they’re particularly interested, Scholars may tend toward staring. Otherwise, they don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves.

Scholars tend to dress in neutral colors—to better blend in with the woodwork.
Back when I was in my teens, long before I’d heard of Michael or Seth or reincarnation or any of it, I discovered that my favorite color was brown. I felt weird about that at the time—here were all my friends voicing a preference for blue or red or pink or yellow—and I liked brown. During the stereotyping late 1950's early 1960's, for a girl to like brown was not all that acceptable.
Still, to this day, I’ve surrounded myself with antiques [which tend to be brown] and have been known to wallpaper entire rooms in brown [though I hate wood paneling and won’t have it in my home. Go figure.]
And, yes, my wardrobe tends toward [but isn’t exclusively] neutrals. Lots of black and brown and gray and heather and sage with the occasional ‘splash of color’ as the decorators call it. But those are reserved for days when I feel like struttin’—which don’t happen all that often.

Scholars are one of the more ‘grounded’ Roles. You’ll rarely see them out there struttin’. More likely you’ll find them in front of a computer or with their nose in a book. But, lots of times you WILL find them out and about as they hunt down entirely new information that no one has discovered yet. Think Margaret Mead and Galileo.

Each Role has it’s positive and negative poles. For the Scholar the positives are: thorough, observant, logical, integrating. The negatives are: bland, reclusive, one author went so far as to call the negative Scholar ‘a dull and dusty museum piece.’ Gee, thanks. :)
As those of you who’ve been around a while know, I have described myself as a hermit—and I certainly can tend in that direction though I’ve been working to get out and about more since I moved to Florida—with mixed success.

Some Scholar politicians are: Edward Kennedy, Richard Nixon, George Washington, George H. W. Bush, Lloyd Bentsen, and Michael Dukakis and hanger-on Joan Quigley [Nancy Reagan’s astrologer] in the US. Then there are Chairman Mao, Margaret Thatcher and P. W. Botha.
Others are: Heraclites who noticed that you can’t step twice into the same river, Admiral Perry, Joseph Smith, Steven Jobs, Beethoven, Joseph Campbell, Paul Simon and Mr. Rogers.

When I was hunting for the first pic above, I happened upon the Lego Sculpture, above, of the Thinker. First, I thought ‘Scholar’ – then I thought ‘Artisan’ though a Warrior’s organizational skills could certainly come in handy.
[Artisan will be the next Role profiled, fwiw.]


Sandy said...

Very interesting reading! I am a Michael student as well and you seem to have a really good grasp of your role! My vote for the lego guy is Warrior with Scholar casting!

two crows said...

thanx, Sandy and welcome to AtI.

as to casting-- I'm not clear on that.
I've been writing a lot of my posts from memory of stuff I've read over the years -- not too much new research.
[I guess I need to go back to my books and read up on stuff like casting, huh?]

so, is it like imprinting? or essence twin influence?
and, yep, the Warrior ability to organize would certainly be a plus on those lego projects. I know MY mind boggles at the prospect--- :)

an average patriot said...

I am heavily principled which makes me very different in todays world. I must put others first it is just my nature. I would otherwise like you fall into the scholar category. I am not but I am major thinker! I have to know! Everything that has ever happened to me and was never resolved I will take to my grave!

an average patriot said...

Those Klein bottles are really cool, never seen them before!

two crows said...

'I am heavily principled which makes me very different in todays world.'
hi Jim--
focusing, as we both do, on so many political blogs, it's easy to assume that the world is filled with unprincipled scrum. but, don't despair-- there ARE good people out there.
as to 'I am not but I am major thinker! I have to know!'
I'm not sure, but I THINK you're saying you're not a Scholar.
if that's what you're saying, I guess I didn't make myself clear in the post:

Scholar's DO NOT necessarily put their noses into books to learn what they learn. in fact, book-learning doesn't really interest them all that much. after all, if it's in a book, by definition it is already known. Scholars want to discover.

in fact my grades in jr. high and high school were HORRIBLE. I almost didn't get into college.

once I did manage to get into college and started studying psychology, my grades took off!
Scholars want to know and to learn. books DON'T need to be part of that equation-- except maybe as a jumping-off point.

two crows said...

hi again Jim--
forgot to mention:
aren't those klein bottles just too cool?
I'm thinking of getting one for my brother. he's the absent-minded professor type and, I think, would really get a kick out of it.

I'd love to have one but, I'm working right now to LET GO of possessions -- not take more on board.
and I can always go look at em online. :)

an average patriot said...

yes those klein bottles are great but like you i do not need more stuff hanging around. As for Scholar I was inferring that I do not consider myself a book learner. I did well in school including College because I have to know and I have to excel at what I am doing. I am also one that will think something through for an entire life time until I know and have the question satisfactorily answered as known!

two crows said...

hi, again, Jim--
spoken [typed, really] as a true scholar!

an average patriot said...

Ditto two crows you are all right!

two crows said...

hi again, Jim--
now that all the roles have been posted, you might check out several to see which fits for you.

are you a perfectionist who has to know as much as possible AND see the big picture? try on King.

put others 1st? try server.

have to know in detail? scholar or artisan.
we'll also get into imprinting and essence twin influence [being influenced by other people] as well as what Sandy referenced as to casting [which I did go back and look up after she mentioned it].
all that stuff fine tunes our roles and we'll be getting to it in later posts.

an average patriot said...

two crows
I consider myself just an average guy but all of those describe me. Does anyone really fall into just one category? That seems to me like a very narrow person!

two crows said...

oh, no, Jim--
as I said-- the overleaves, imprinting, casting order, the way our essence twins affect us, the age of our souls, previous roles [assuming this isn't our first walkabout which, for most of us, it isn't, body type, centering, etc. etc. [I'll be getting to all these factors later] blend together to deepen and broaden the individual.
some people say they don't like to 'pigeonhole' people. to which Michael points out that, when you look at all the other influences added together, there are more possibilities than there are or ever HAVE BEEN people on the planet!

so if we're being pigeonholed, we're each in a hole that no one else has ever occupied during the history of the earth.

an average patriot said...

two crows you are a deep one! I have been outside all day supervising some work outside the house so have not gotten anything done on line. Sorry I haven't been able to read much or get around. Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow.