Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Old Soul

Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy, coined a statement that was later named “The Gestalt Prayer” and was widely quoted during the 1960’s and 1970’s:
"I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
and you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I
and if, by chance, we find each other
it's beautiful.”
The conclusion of the original statement: “If not, it can’t be helped,” was quoted less often—no doubt because it didn’t have the same flavor of idealism and poetry as the first part.

This viewpoint— including its less popular conclusion —is, by its nature, that of an Old Soul. Old Souls will welcome those they feel an affinity with. If the connection is not perceived to be present they will simply go their own way.
Olds don’t try to convince others to live as they do. Likewise, if other people attempt to force their values or ways of living on the Old Soul, they’re likely to find themselves talking to a closed door.
Much that can be said about an Old Soul is what would be said about an old person.
They are storehouses of knowledge and understanding but, in spite of that, they do not usually accomplish very much. To the other soul ages they probably appear lazy.
In fact, they’re just tired. World-weary. Tired of having bodies to care for. Tired of fighting against the odds and losing.
You'll find Old Souls quietly recycling or giving food or money to organizations that fight hunger. You’re unlikely to find them marching for either cause. It’s not that they don’t care. They do. They’re just tired and, possibly, a bit cynical. They’ve seen it all before —the marches and the demonstrations — after which everyone went home and nothing changed.

At the moment, as the world emerges from the Young Soul cycle, the Old Souls on the planet have much to feel tired and cynical about. As the Mature Soul era gears up, Olds might become invigorated as they begin seeing accomplishments in caring for the planet, for instance, or more personal [as opposed to corporate] matters beginning to be addressed. Check back in a few decades or centuries as the Mature mindsets take hold of the planet as a whole.

Old Souls often have difficulty with self-esteem because their perceptions and values are not shared by the rest of society. They are out-of-step with the majority and they feel it. They are likely to sense how different they are from the norm and may even think that perhaps they don’t belong on this planet.
At the moment, they are fairly rare, comprising about eleven percent of the population. On the fringes of society, they obey the rules of their cultures only as required to get by without causing trouble.

It is rare for an Old Soul to make a great contribution to society. They have largely given up on the world and it just doesn't seem worth the effort to put a lot of energy into things that won’t last anyway. Material things just decay, so why invest in that?
Obviously, Young Souls and Old Souls are direct opposites. In fact, Olds are far more similar to Infants than they are to Young Souls.
If they do make themselves noticed, Old Souls are perceived by most of the 3 younger soul ages to be ‘far out’ or eccentric. So, generally speaking, the Old folks do not even try to communicate with them though they may spend time with Infants teaching them the rudiments of planetary life.

Often, Old Souls can feel so tired that they're ready to just lie down and die. Like a person in the last decade of life, the Old Soul is "winding down", preparing for death, settling the estate, and tying up loose ends. The Old Soul is clearing the way for its final break with the physical plane.

In their social lives, Old Souls are often loners. They go their own way, caring little for societal norms. They have very little interest in casual relationships, such as coworkers and neighbors. Even their sense of connection to blood relatives is not very strong.
When they do get involved, it is often because there is a strong spiritual bond. Either there is a karmic attachment (past-life association), or an agreement — a contract made between lifetimes — to conduct a relationship.

When Old Souls do seek companionship, they often do so in metaphysical groups — astrology and tarot classes, psychic endeavors, and so on. Here they will be most likely to meet those with whom they have spiritual connections. They seek out the few others who are like themselves and share similar interests. This is not usually for the purpose of business advancements like Young Souls, or for psychological comfort like Mature Souls, but just to share being with other Old Souls.

If the basis for psychological intimacy is not quickly apparent to Old Souls, they will not put themselves through much trouble to develop it. It is difficult for Old Souls to create unions with people that they have not known in numerous past lifetimes.

Old Souls are individualistic — they believe that people can do whatever they want to do, so long as they don't hurt anyone else. Olds do not want to change the world — they want to just let it be. You might say they have the ultimate "laissez faire" (leave it alone) attitude — let nature take its course and don't interfere with the system.
One reason for their loner behavior is the fact that Old Souls are careful about creating new karma of any sort. Anything that will encourage a continuation of involvement with the physical plane is to be avoided. Old Souls are in the process of removing themselves from entanglement with the usual affairs of life.
As a rule, Olds just want outta here. They want to move off the planet completely and ties to other people can slow that process down.
As occurs with all soul ages, the personality can have its own ideas on this and other matters. So, an individual can seek relationships with others, even now. But, the personality will be on its own and won't receive any help from the Soul in forging such ties. It can be done but it will be much more difficult than it would have been at any earlier age except the Infant level.

Like Infant Souls, it is unusual for Old Souls to pursue a career as such. Of course, they take on occupations in order to make ends meet, but these are not the main interest in life. Most often a job will be sought which does not overly challenge the Old Soul. This leaves the soul with enough spare energy to pursue its real purposes: resolving karmic entanglements and pursuing truth.
Check out the gardener puttering on the Young Soul’s gated estate. You might find an Old Soul quietly contemplating the meaning of life while pruning the roses.

Old Souls have very few psychological problems to deal with. Presumably, they’ve mostly been worked through in previous lifetimes. But Old Souls do have one significant problem: they are subject to depression. All the Soul Ages can experience depression— but especially the Old Soul. To them, life seems contrived. They sense that it is all a game and they no longer want to play.
The material pursuits of Young Souls seem quite futile to them. Even the Mature Soul's excitement about newfound truth seems passé. In short, Old Souls may suffer from boredom. This ennui can severely limit an Old Soul's happiness, and be a source of misunderstanding for younger Souls who are enjoying life. Whether he understands it consciously or not, the Old Soul simply wants to graduate from the physical plane.

Old Souls are typically easy for other people to get along with. They are usually agreeable. The worst that can be said about Old Souls is that they are often detached. Younger Souls do not understand this, although they may admire the fact that an Old Soul can remain cool in situations that younger Souls might find upsetting.
There is not much in an Old Soul that can offend a younger Soul, though there is much that can be misunderstood. To some it may seem that Old Souls do not care. It is more accurate to say that they are aloof. They do not make much input into what is going on around them, and do not have a strong investment in any particular outcome.

At the instinctive level, Old Souls understand the big lesson of the whole maturation cycle: ‘Be nonjudgmental’. What they cannot abide, Old Souls simply avoid. Rarely do they seek to change things.

Old Souls tend to follow the path of least resistance. Younger Souls regard this as sheer laziness — a lack of drive and willpower. This trait has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive side is that Olds are gracious when it comes to dealing with other people. The disadvantage is that they may lack the initiative to accomplish things that could be done. They often come up with innovative ideas because of their previous experiences, but they lack the energy to bring them to fruition.

All this is not to give Olds an excuse for laziness. Once an Old Soul realizes the cause of this condition, it can take steps to mitigate it or direct it wisely. In fact, this can help the Soul move toward its goal of moving off the planet as it begins to accomplish some of the tasks it may need to complete prior to leaving.

Old Souls are, generally, ethical. They do not have to be taught right and wrong by parents or society. There is some socializing to be done when they are children of course, but the programming for integrity is inborn. It is as if they are grown-up even when they are children.
They feel, to themselves and to others, as if they are older than their chronological age. They are conscientious. They are not usually jealous, envious or possessive — any one of which would involve attachment to other people. They are usually gentle toward the faults of others. The harsh perceptions often present in younger souls are absent. They rarely perceive actions as being truly evil. Rather, they regard things that cause suffering as foolish and immature and they seek to cure the cause of the problem by educating and gentle persuasion.

The nations primarily populated by Old souls—Switzerland, Holland, and Iceland, for instance—value their independence and neutrality on political issues. Switzerland plays host to the Young Soul nations at Geneva peace talks, but does not get involved in their Young Soul do-it-my-way games.
If Old Souls care anything for politics, they will be pacifists. Most often they are simply apolitical — they do not get involved at all.

Old Souls are casual and easygoing about almost everything. Not much is a big deal to them. Almost never are they outrageous or outlandish. They are rarely concerned with outward appearances. They’re unlikely to follow [or even know] the latest fashion. In extreme cases they can even appear sloppy. They rarely care if they’re perceived by others as strange in dress or mannerism.

Old Souls pursue education with the same casual attitude as they do everything else in life. Grades are of very little value to them. Even the learning itself isn't all that important unless it furthers a specific life task. They concentrate what little energy they have on understanding the reasons for things being the way they are.

Old Souls rarely participate in organized religion. They are often drawn, instead, to metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy, and the occult in their quest for understanding.

At the moment, it can be said that Old Souls are at the most difficult Age. The difficulty isn’t caused, as it is for Mature Souls, by angst and psychological turmoil. Rather it occurs because they don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the world:
In the first place, they are definitely out of step with society and don't really care about formal institutions. Often the Olds, themselves, do not understand why this is happening and it can take a toll on them.
In the second place, they are often too world-weary to do what needs to be done to solve their own problems. Since they tend to follow the path of least resistance, unless they feel internal and external forces pushing them, they don't go anywhere or do anything. They may be able to help others solve their problems but be unable to have much effect on their own. This can lead to loneliness.
In the third place, there is a certain arrogance in Old Souls who may feel they cannot learn from younger souls. They are aware of their maturity, even if only subliminally, and regard younger souls as foolish. This isn't all that wise, really. There is always much to learn, including from one's juniors.
In the fourth place, there is very little left that Old souls want to experience in life. They feel like they have done it all — so why bother to do more? This contributes to the boredom and even the depression mentioned earlier.

Even sex is not highly prized by Old Souls. They are usually competent, but a lack of interest in it, and the lack of passion for it can be disconcerting to younger Souls who still pursue sexual experience avidly.
Old Souls are often hedonistic and sensual, however, and can have a bawdy sense of humor.
Olds are often androgynous (having balanced masculine and feminine characteristics), and bisexuality may be a part of their lifestyle. Gender identification is often weak at this age because of subconscious contact with the whole psyche, which includes both masculine and feminine characteristics.
What Old Souls seek in romantic relationships is a "soul mate" — someone to whom they can relate on a soul level.

Most of the tasks that are left for the Old Soul to complete have to do with being, rather than doing (like the Young Soul) or feeling (like the Mature Soul). The Old Soul just is. Olds simply experience life as it passes through their consciousness. Not unlike the Infant Soul, this can lead to a simple life lived simply.


Mauigirl said...

This is fascinating - sorry I've been absent awhile, have been really busy - am now trying to catch up!

Ghost Dansing said...

i am sorry..... i did miss the part, or at least didn't understand the part, where souls choose to enter corporeal existence..... especially the "why would they do that?" part...

two crows said...

hi, mauigirl--
wb. hope you got caught up with your rw stuff.

Ghost Dansing said...

ok.... i found it i think..... here's the explanation...... learning sentient being..... link

two crows said...

hi ghost dansing--
I'm not sure I understand that part, either.

I have no idea why fragments decide to split off from the Is in the 1st place.
I asked a friend about that some 30+ years ago. he said he thought the All-that-Is is hooked on learning.

to someone who believes the Is is perfect and static, that reasoning wouldn't make sense. but, supposing it ISN'T static and perfect, learning might be it's perceived reason for being, right?
meanwhile, not all souls even choose the physical path - taking on physical bodies and so on. some choose to go the spirit-only route.
that's a more laid-back and easy route, or so I've read.

believe me, there're lots of times I wish I'd chosen that method instead of this one. but, I have to believe there're fulfilling reasons to take this route-- difficult as it may be to see them sometimes.

two crows said...

hey, ghost dansing--
thanx for that link. I hadn't seen that one before.
there are lots of Michael students on the web. I usually use one or 2 of those as well as my Michael and Seth books when researching my posts.

Ghost Dansing said...

i wish i knew whatever it was i forgot..... when i forgot it...... who i was when it was forgotten and why it was forgotten where it was forgotten...... through the eyes of a child
Here is your dream and now how does it feel
No words will go with you
And now what is real

isabel said...

Being an old soul is hard because no one recognizes or appreciates you. I have lived my whole live being invisible and aware at the same time that I have so much to offer to the world yet no one sees that. All I want is for others to see me the same way i see myself, as special, yet I have gotten the opposite attention from almost everyone in my life, people think there's something wrong with me. Im fucking sick and tired of it and Im sick of hiding whoi am because no one will understand me. Thats why we search so hard for our soulmates, because we crave that understanding others seem to attain so easily with people. I want it to beover but at the same tim I want to make this life a success and i want to make it work.

two crows said...

hi, Isabel and welcome to AtI--
I'm sorry this is happening to you.
at the same time, I'm SO relieved to hear that I'm not alone.

speaking of being invisible, I can be talking to someone and they'll begin a conversation with someone else--just as if I'm not present. I get so angry about that!

I think that's one reason [besides being a scholar] that I'm a hermit. I've just given up on being accepted by other people.

and I can't count the number of people who told me, outright, that I'm weird. in a way, that's ok with me. in fact, I kind of like it-- maybe because I'm 5th level.

on my next walk-about, if I go the physical route, I want to start my planetary lives at the same time the majority does.
this being almost 2 ages ahead of the general population sucks.

as to wanting it to be over-- I know what you mean.
I'm 61-y-o and have already made arrangements not to have "life-sustaining measures" implemented. I think I'm ready to hang it up, too.

sorry it's happening to you.
you're welcome to hang out on this blog, if that helps at all. it seems to attract a lot of olds, fwiw.

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Very beautiful summary! Thank you for putting it into words.

two crows said...

hi, anon and welcome [if this is your first comment] and thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Lovely summary. Once again, thank you for your work.

I, and many others, seem to fall into a sort of middle ground between mature and old souls... is this plausible? I find that I can identify with both, but I'm certainly not content to not take action... I suppose that's certainly something that would make one learn towards being in the mature stage. That, and asking questions--how do we define a "soul" in the first place?

So much mystery. I love it!

two crows said...

hi, glome--
you might check the later post on the soul age levels.

during the first 2 levels of any soul age we keep a foot in each camp, so to speak. we spend a good portion of our time and energy back in our comfort zone of our previous soul age while beginning the exploration of our new age.

also, we have access to the skills we learned in earlier soul ages. so, a mature or old can make money -- they just don't see it as the be-all-end-all of life as youngs do. and olds are pretty good at developing relationships-- but it's not as important as it is to matures.

does that help?

Juny said...

You nailed many characteristics of the Old Soul. I skimmed after realizing your congruence on the descriptive definitions.

I would add that I am a vessel for muses dicta and archetypal paradigms. My contemporaries are props for serendipitous opportunity that are existential challenges of cognitive insights. What young or mature souls would take as an ego priority, I see as a metaphysical penetration and seeding that is even more satisfying as the carnal lusts and consummations were.

two crows said...

hi, Juny--
welcome to AtI.
I'm not real clear about some of what you said. and I'm feeling too lazy right now to try and make sense of it.

my major angst, right now, is the fact that I moved fairly recently. I left a pocket of old souls in Kansas City and accidentally plopped myself into a community of babies and youngs in florida. I've met one woman I think may be mature or old -- and that's about it.

so, right now, I'm taking it on faith that I'm in this community for some reason-- karmic or teaching or I-don't-know-what. I'm pretty lonely at the moment, though. I'm hoping the reasons why I'm here come clear pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society-J. Krishnamirti....They can ostrize me for being different, but I feel sad they are all the same. Unknown...This article is very comforting as are these quotes. God be with you on your journey home.

two crows said...

thank you for the kind words, Anon, and welcome to AtI.

yes, the quotes are comforting. and, yes, when I'm feeling ostracized reading the blog helps me to come back to center. I hope it serves the same purpose for those who come to it.

itsallok said...

've alway felt like an old soul even when I was a little kid. I was raised in a super-religious family but wasn't buying any of it. I 'knew' I wasn't NEW. But still I simply never fit in and this was tough especially while in my teens. I wanted to spend a lot of time alone, to read, etc. but family became concerned and wanted me to be more social and outgoing... It was like I'd been plopped on some alien planet. The art of just Living Life was beyond my scope of understanding. In short I tried to end it all, obviously unsuccessfully - thankfully. I've had some incredible experiences since then. Also I've been receiving inspiration from a very beautiful person by the name of Prem Rawat and if anyone's interested you can hear him talk on I've been listening to him for many years and it made a huge difference for me. I'm still a loner and under achiever compared to just about everyone but I have acquired substantial inner strength and don't sweat the small stuff that much any more. Life is a lot simpler more enjoyable now. I'm just allowing myself to be me. This is a very beautiful site and I've let other's know about it. Thank you! And by the way, this is a lot of input for such a lazy soul!

two crows said...

hi itsallok and welcome.
I'm sorry you've had hard times and I can sure identify.

like you, I've never fit in with most people. before I moved to florida I was in contact with a number of mature and old souls-- even though the connections weren't all that strong. still I didn't realize how rich I was until I got down here where, I think, there are virtually none. the difference in energy is astonishing. so I'm lonely.

as to being an "underachiever" -- I was that IN SPADES until I got to college and started studying psychology. then it all changed. now it seems pretty obvious that I had a major life task tied up with psych - so it resonated and, suddenly, I started succeeding.

thanks for the reference to Prem Rawat -- I'll check that out.

welcome again. set a spell. take your shoes off.

Juny said...

The mantras of the present enchant and habituate people for what they CAN perceive as their conceptualizations. So many are the road-kill of this process.

We who slipped through and held on to the threads of the supra-temporal are seeing the vindication for our irreverence to the fallacies of the homilies indoctrinated to us by family and institutions..!/merli.monk

hippie_chick said...

I stumbled on this blog last night as I Googled "Old Soul, I'm tired" - glad to have found it!
I just moved to Florida 2 weeks ago. I left 2 Old Soulmates in Ohio but we continue to teach and learn from one another :-)

two crows said...

hi, hippy_chick, and welcome to AtI.

ohhhhhh! where in Florida?
like you, I left a number of mature and old friends behind in Kansas City. I didn't know how rich I was. I landed in a community that I perceive as primarily baby/young. I don't have a lot in common with the folks here so - I'm lonely.

I keep telling myself to bestir myself outside my neighborhood. I did go to Dunnedin not long ago. it seems fairly mature from what I can tell.

still -- **sigh** -- my hermit ways keep me pretty close to home. and, like you, I do maintain contact with some of my northern friends - but it's not the same.

Juny said...

Think in terms of oasis experiences with our encounters with Older or As-Old Souls. We are continually on a algebraic, hyperbolic curve as we seek the maximum of our (cognitive) capabilities for this dimension. By serendipity and inspiration we are exposed to new opportunities for growth. These opportunities have their own trajectory, too. We must reconcile our selves to being solitary-but gregariously oriented-pilgrims in this adventure in this consciousness.

Shadoe McKee said...

To two crows-- I feel the same loneliness sometimes, but I have grown to adapt to it. It may be that you are stuck in a lifestyle for the younger folk (I'm currently in St. Petersburg, FL), but we oldies are out here. You just don't notice, perhaps. I think most of us prefer it that way. I have closer ties to Nature and the Tao than to friends or relatives. I have a wonderful husband and life partner and an amazing daughter that I get immense joy from. Besides her health, safety, and experience, discipline to continue my day-to-day stuff is really all I think about. That, and finding peace and tranquility. I also try to share what I've learned in quiet ways, like writing and art.
I just wanted to write to thank you for this space and to let you know we are out here, but sometimes it's hard to find those who would not be found, lol!

two crows said...

hi, Shadoe. Welcome to AtI.
and thanks for the words of encouragement. I know there are others like me out there but, boy howdy! they're not in my neck of the woods right now.

yes, it's a lonely existence. but I just keep telling myself, I've chosen this situation for a reason. Maybe it's because I'm getting close to cycling off and I'm trying to steer clear of making new contacts these days. At least I can hope that's why. I feel more and more cynical and tired of being here.
So - - hoping, hoping.

jfwiw - this blog crashed and burned a few weeks ago. I managed to get it back, obviously, but it happened a second time so I created a duplicate here:

you might make a note of the new one so that, if this one disappears again, you can find it.

thanks for dropping by. I look forward to any comments you might add later.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this blog, now I feel like I can understand better why I'm the way I am. As I'm reading it; I feel as the whole me was described there. At the same time it reminded me of some people, who I've met in my life (just very few), who I greatly appreciate & now I understand that it's because at a soul level I recognized them as also being old souls.

two crows said...

hi, Anonymous, and thanks for dropping by.

I know what you mean about appreciating the few Olds we find out there. As I mentioned in earlier comments, I'm in a part of the world where there don't seem to be many Olds at the moment - - and I miss my old friends.

I just keep reminding myself that I'm here for a reason and try not to let it get me too down.

and, jfwiw, in case you didn't notice the earlier comment in which I mentioned it - this blog crashed a few months ago. twice. so I created a duplicate here:

if you continue visiting, you might go there instead just to be safe. if this one goes again, I may well just let it die rather than fight a losing battle trying to keep it on life support.

Anonymous said...

Cynical, sarcastic, and jaded....but am i wrong?

two crows said...

hi, Anon, and welcome.
in answer to your question: nope! :)

AMANDA said...

Hello, Two Crows. I hope you are enjoying Florida. I live an hour away from Dunedin. You should check out a place called Enchanted Earth. I've met some amazing people there. I've always felt alone and different. I'm having a problem with the depression aspect...again. The first bout took several years to get out of. I feel bone tired and weary. I suppose I feel at a loss. I'd like to get rid of this feeling, I just don't know how. Thank you for writing this blog. It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. Brightest blessings.

two crows said...

Hi Amanda, and welcome to AtI --
Yes, Florida has its ups and downs. I live among a bunch of fairly young souled folks [at least I think they are] so it's rather lonely. I'll look into Enchanted Earth - thanks for the reference.

Sorry you're experiencing the old-soul high-risk of depression. Maybe having a handle on why it's happening can be helpful? Hope so. And, yes, knowing you're not alone can help,too.
As the article suggests, maybe getting together with those folks at Enchanted Earth or a similar hang-out can help too? I think loneliness can be a major reason for the depression, too. Finding folks of like mind and interests might help?

And, jfwiw - -
this site crashed and burned - twice - a few months ago. Obviously, I managed to get it back up and running but it was a struggle. So I made a duplicate here

and that's where I've been posting new entries lately. So, I'm directing folks to that site. Who knows if this one will take another dive? And, if it does, I may not even try to get it back again. I nearly set my hair on fire the first two times it happened.

Anonymous said...

Is Nirvana the next level of consciousness after being an "Old Soul". I'm ready for it. -Megan

two crows said...

hi anonymous and welcome to ATI -
the way I understand it is: after 7th level Old we graduate from the physical plane altogether [and, like you, I'm champing at the bit] and move on to the lower astral plane [the same place we go between lifetimes]. we hang out there while we wait for a bunch of friends [about 1,000 of em] to finish up, then we move into the mid-astral.

then, when we've learned what we need to learn on the astral we move on to causal where we continue learning and also take on some teaching gigs.

then, after that come the Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic planes. then we go home.

that's my understanding of it, anyway.

and jfwiw - if you want to continue reading this blog, I recommend trying it here:
this blog has crashed and burned - twice. so I transferred everything to the new site which, I hope, will be more stable. anyhow, IT hasn't crashed. yet. :)

David said...

Hello, so I've been perusing a lot of websites lately talking about Michael and Seth and interestingly I find that much of what they are talking about are things that I've just sort of known or independently realized throughout the course of my life.

I'm definitely an old soul but still imprinting and manifesting younger in some areas, due the obvious natural work up that we all go through each new life but also due to my parents being a baby and a young, that I'm still in my mid-20s, and also I presume for some unresolved karmic issues. For instance I currently seem to be manifesting mature in the relationship field and I was until recently young in the material/consumer field but quickly moving on through mature.

I've been thinking a lot about the old soul energy issue. My entire life I've felt fatigued and I've tried every possible physical way to overcome this. But it was a comment on your site about the souls having to slow down their energy so as to last within their bodies that caught my attention. Could it be that the vibratory frequency of the old soul is beginning to speed up again over time so as to seamlessly transition into their next existence at the astral level? This immense amount of energy being exerted just by means of mere existence and constant contemplation might bring wearing us out before we even get to starting anything physical. I know that late levels of all stages start to see glimpses of the next level and their energies naturally should change as well, so I'm thinking this could be why we seem to have run out of gas.

I'm currently struggling with this and finding a way around this. I'm currently back in school pursuing degrees in psychology, economics and political science. Which I now can acknowledge that I started and was interested in because of working my way back through the mature stage and had that whole better the world thing going on for a while. The problem is just that as you noted this young transitioning to mature world is tough to be old in as you are constantly under pressure to perform when you really understand at a higher level that you're not the one for the job anymore. I've really just stopped wanting to do much of anything and it's getting quite bad. I find that if I'm doing something I don't enjoy I'm inclined to just stop doing it. However even if what I stated above is the reason for olds being tired, I would like to understand and incorporate some of the ways I can go about doing something instead of just slogging through the day.

By the way I'm also a Scholar with sage/priest casts, and have the goal of flow and the impatience "flaw" for lack of better words if that helps you to understand where I'm coming from. Anyway I'd like to hear your thoughts, and I'll continue to enjoy reading your blog!

two crows said...

hi Dave and welcome to AtI.

hmmmmmmm - - you said a mouthful

I have to admit, I hadn't thought about an increase in frequency accounting for feeling tired out all the time. That's a good point and maybe a question to pose to Michael. Makes sense, in any case.

I, too, have a really hard time bestirring myself to get out of the house and do, well, ANYTHING. I'd much rather just stay home and putter. I'm retired now so I get to do a lot more of that than I used to. And I love it.
Still, I'm also impatient just to get off-planet. Sometimes, I'll be sitting at the computer or cleaning the kitchen or sitting in the Florida room and the spontaneous thought comes, "I want to go home." I'm getting tired, I guess.

As for the age you're manifesting - if you're in your 20's you're still going to be manifesting Mature in any case. I didn't reach my full age manifestation till I reached 43 even though 35ish is the norm. Guess I'm just a late bloomer. :)

If you haven't already read it [and you may not have because it's posted a bit further into the blog] I recommend
It explains manifestations and when they occur during a personality's life span.

btw - I'm referring you another edition of the same blog. This one has crashed. Twice. So I transferred everything over to Wordpress so it wouldn't all be lost if it should happen again. You might want to continue reading there as it seems to be more stable than this site is.

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Welcome again and hope to communicate with you further as you dig deeper into the blog. Enjoy.

Darren Curtis II said...

Also old souls can go switch different ages as an old soul. Exmaple: old soul has behavior of a mature or young soul, but the experince as an old soul. But very few Old soul do this as explained above and I am one of them. I behave as an mature soul but I am still an old soul.

Darren Curtis II said...

Also old souls can go switch different ages as an old soul. Exmaple: old soul has behavior of a mature or young soul, but the experince as an old soul. But very few Old souls do this as explained above and I am one of them. I behave as an mature soul but I am still an old soul. I am very lonely and I help other peoples' troubles.

The key signs of an old soul;

· Giving and caring often putting others first

· Had a difficult romantic life often with much pain and disappointment

· More than likely had a soulmate relationship

· Things just seem to happen to you and around you, often becoming very dramatic through the seemingly extreme reactions of others

· Events repeat themselves

· Have trouble connecting with your family

· Somehow know you’re different

· Have some psychic intuition and ‘just knowing’ things

· Find that you have deeper emotions and passions than most people

· People have extreme reactions to you – some just adore you and some seem to really dislike you yet you behave the same to everyone

· Have an inner creative passion

· Suffer lots of jealousy

· Often perceived wrongly

· Feel your don’t have much free will, like your life is being controlled by some outside force

· Often feel ‘stuck’ like events just keep on happening to you time after time All of us can relate to some of these characteristics and events at some time in our lives however the ‘old souls’ amongst us will shout “Yes that’s me !” and immediately understand and relate.

Chaya Love said...

You have posted a really interesting take on the old soul. I appreciate your perspective! It's funny because in many ways I resonate with the old soul, but I think it would be foolish to truly think I am, when I know that I still have so many ties to being a mature soul. I really don't know at what stage I am anymore. Any thoughts on that confusion? I would love to hear what you think.

Chaya Love said...

Also, I am new to blogging and it would be great if you could check out my blog and give me some tips. Thanks! It's,

Anonymous said...

This was good, thank-you.

I wish there was another term for the old soul. It feels awkward, not quite fitting in humility. I know it's the term used, but it's more like being a college student to me. My guide is kind of old, his guide is old and full. I'm still incarnating obviously, and still working on some self karma, so I don't feel I deserve to be tagged with being old.

In my own head I think of old souls as college students, the mature ones has high school students, the young souls as middle school students, baby souls as elementary school children and our infants as preschoolers.

I like the circle and sometimes think of it as a spiral that moves. We are all moving in knowledge and experience together in a connected manner, often with strings attached to one another up and down the spiral.

Vanessa Hunter said...

This is beautifully written. I have been looking for someone who understands the world-weariness and readiness I feel to depart for my next phase of existence without judging. My soul mate waits for me on the other side. I have a book to write before I go, but motivation to write is low as is all my motivation. I’m being motivated to write by my soul mate who communicates with me by automatic writing. I like what you write about relationships, and being formed by a contract made between lives. I feel this is my husband as I was drawn to him despite him not being my soul mate. I don’t think I fit the criteria about gender that you described as I’m reasonably cis-gendered, but otherwise everything fits me to a t. I found your blog via a search engine so will have to look at some other pages also. Thankyou for writing this.