Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s About Time—

As I said in the 1st post, the quantum physicists and astronomers tell us that the void outside the universe is so complete it doesn’t even contain space/time. This is a concept that I simply cannot wrap my mind around—so I have to just take their word for it. [We’re going to be running into a lot of those as this blog progresses, I imagine.]

Closer to home, there’s another instance when time ceases to exist:
According to Einstein, the faster we move in space, the slower time goes. So, it would seem to follow that the slower we move in space, the faster time speeds up, right?
So, what would happen if we could literally step off the planet and stop moving altogether? If Einstein is right, I would guess, all time would flash by in an instant.
According to Seth [see below], that is precisely what is happening: All space/time is occurring simultaneously—it has simply been slowed down so we perceive the universe as if time exists within it and events seem to follow each other in orderly progression.
The metaphysical teachings that I’ve studied in the most depth [The Michael Teachings and The Seth Material] tell us that the Astral Plane [aka Heaven] exists all around us—we simply can’t, as a rule, perceive it.
If they explain WHY this is so, I haven’t found that explanation in any of the books I’ve read yet—and I freely admit there’s lots and lots of stuff out there that I haven’t gotten around to—with more being written all the time.
So, here’s my latest theory:
Maybe the Astral Plane [and the 5 other planes beyond it] not being a physical plane, doesn't move in space. If that is the case, we could be sitting in the same chair occupied by Aunt Tillie, who came by for a visit this afternoon, and we would have no way of knowing it because Aunt Tillie is outside of time as we perceive it.

My theory doesn’t explain why, as Seth has implied and as has been outlined in yet another book [Life After Life by Raymond Moody], people who have died can see and hear us. They have even told Moody of feeling frustrated when they couldn’t comfort their loved ones or explain to the medical personnel that there was no need to keep trying to revive their bodies—they were doing just fine, thankyouverymuch.
Moody, who interviewed people who had had near-death experiences, gave the clearest account of this of any source I’ve read. The folks he spoke with hadn’t crossed completely over to the Astral yet [or they wouldn’t have come back.]
Maybe having one foot in each camp, so to speak, makes such perception easier for them. I don’t know.
Interestingly, I had already had the beginnings of the idea in my head for this post before I got word that my mom was dying—the morning of the day the phone call came, as a matter of fact.
I might just shrug that off as coincidence if my cousin hadn’t told me, later, that my mom’s sister had been saying all week that she was sure that, ‘Something is the matter with Rie [my mom].’
And that gets me to wondering: Was she telling us she was packing her bags for the trip? And maybe already getting a glimpse of what lay ahead?
All that said—
What do you all think? What ideas do you have about Heaven or the Astral or whatever you choose to call it? And, what thoughts do you have about time and space, while you’re at it?


LET'S TALK said...

Oh two crows this is just outstanding and very well explained.

I believe or have faith that at some point as we pass on, we are not yet in the relm of no return.

Once we are there, as you say that is it and there's no way to return to this demision in time.

The way you explained the Einstein therory, make me have the faith the Heaven is on a plan that we have no knowledge of and can't see as well.

Outstanding post and yes, I shall add it to my links! Grreat job!

FranIAm said...

Hi- I finally got myself over here, sorry it took me so long.

First reaction - WOW - great stuff here.

I think that there are so many mysteries that we will never fully know.

I will tell you this brief anecdote.

I had a very intense dream one night. In the dream, my good friend who had died a few years earlier (at age 28 of colon cancer) was at a party. It is too long to go into the details here. Let it suffice to say that she found my mother at the party and they left laughing while I tried, but never could catch up to them.

I woke up knowing that my mother would die soon and I was comforted that Darlene had come for her.

She died one month later.

Make of that what you will!


TomCat said...

OK, the step-off argument doesn't quite work because it views space and time as two separate entities, when relativity recognizes only one: space-time. Within the context of this universe, stepping off cannot be done. To step off, one would have to transcend the physical realm and enter the metaphysical.

It is my belief that God transcends space-time and heaven, whatever it is, exists outside the realm of our comprehension.

an average patriot said...

My lord two crows, you're a thinker! It took me a good chapter and maybe 3 in a section I called God, Religion, and the lies we call History!
Time is moving as slow as it is going to right here in the protection of out atmosphere.
Heaven and hell are merely the creations of the Religious to explain life and what happened when you die. Hell being the inner planet and Heaven being the universe, the solar system, the heavens.
It is much simpler than that! Part of the truth can be found in the Bibles of the 3 Great Religions if you search them all,some can be found in the works of ancient thinkers and astronomers, some can be found in the works of Religious historians retired sister Nancy Armstrong I recommend, and some can be found in The Chariots of the Gods. Ever hear of it.
Put it all together take out the purposely mystified ,use some common sense and Bingo! It is a very long subject and I certainly can't get into it here but I think I have whetted your appetite.

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
yep, according to Moody in _Life After Life_, there is a boundary beyond which we can't go if we plan to come back during this lifetime.
awesome, Fran--
I can't tell you the accounts similar to this I've read and had related to me over the years.
not to mention the ones Moody tells of in his books.
hey, TC--
ummmmmmm. what argument? I was speculating about the metaphysical, fwiw. :)

and, of course, earth-language won't encompass the concepts discussed here. for me that's part of the fun as I can get pretty precise when I'm writing -- so I'm gonna have to lighten up a bit on that on this blog, most likely.
'Time is moving as slow as it is going to right here in the protection of out atmosphere.'
hi, AAP--
yeah -- according to the Michael Teachings [in _Tao to Earth_, I think] after we fragment off the All that Is [tho Michael calls it the Tao] we have to slow w-a-y down before we start the first step [of 7] as we head back toward it.

Mauigirl said...

Am just reading your new blog for the first time and am working my way back to these early posts - should have started here! I am totally interested in the whole idea of reincarnation, the astral plane, Raymond Moody and the near-death experiences, etc. What I was never able to buy into was the whole religion thing, of "be good here and you get to go to Heaven but there's only one way to get there," thing.

I've been fascinated with reincarnation from an early age and have read a lot of books about it. And the idea of all time existing at once is another theory that has always interested me. I can tell this blog is going to be right up my alley!

I am adding this to my link list under the "art/philosophy" section!

two crows said...

hi, Mauigirl and welcome!
the one-time-shot never made sense to me, either.
in fact, my next post [to be published around 4/24 -- 4/26 or so] explains how I found these concepts and why they made so much sense to me.

thanx for the link. :)

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Anonymous said...

I think you are on to something. I feel myself the astral plane might not move. Time just stops, movement stops. Maybe that's why time stops, because movement does? It's quiet in those things. At least it felt that way when I had a couple near death experiences.

I'm not smart enough to know these things, but I do wonder.