Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rethinking Soul Age Matters

I’ve been reading several Seth books, lately and I’ve come to some new conclusions regarding the Soul Age matters that Michael has outlined.

First of all, as I read the material in the books and as I wrote it up here, I both received and conveyed the impression that the Soul Ages are cut-and-dried. That the Infant cycle ends and the Baby lives begin followed by the Young lives, then the Mature and Old lives. That each sequence of lives is delineated by a boundary of sorts and that the matters being dealt with during each level don’t bleed one into the other. Now, I’m beginning to think, I may have taken the information too literally or not made enough allowance for the individuality of the soul.

Rereading the Seth material [after a hiatus of some years, aamof] I’m starting to rethink that premise.
Although Seth doesn’t speak of Soul Ages per se, it does seem to describe a similar phenomenon but this progression seems to be more flexible than I had interpreted Michael’s delineation as being.
It seems to me, after looking at the idea through the Seth Material lens, that the evolution might occur with more fluidity. The soul might even arrive at the Mature Soul consciousness, say, in the matter of emotions earlier in its evolution while remaining in the Young Soul awareness level when it comes to the matter of the relationships, for instance. Or that it might arrest at the Young Soul level in regards to dealing with money while moving forward with relationship issues [this might be especially true if a soul were to return to the United States or to a third-world country as an overlord-type figure for lifetime after lifetime during the transition period between the Young and Mature phases (or, more accurately perhaps, the soul might choose to return as an overlord or CEO because it isn’t prepared to make the leap in regards to the issue of acquiring money and power-over-others’-lives.)]

I’m not saying that this is necessarily so – but that my interpretation of how souls mature is changing as I merge the two teachings.

So, as you read the following posts, you might keep in mind the idea that things are more flexible than the wording of the posts may suggest.

Just wondering along.

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