Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just one more thing:
As I was rereading the previous post I noticed that I had done something Laszlo and, certainly, the other scientists have done. They may have meant to do it but, in my case, it was an oversight.

I didn't mention something about that 'vast sea of virtual energies' that is pretty crucial. I perceive that sea as self-aware.
Not only that, I perceive it as capable of uncomplicated self-love—which is why it loves us so much.

We are it and it is us. As I mentioned in one of the earliest posts here, we sprang directly from the mind of the Is. We are Athena to the All that Is' Zeus.

So, to my mind—the Sea is the Is, the Is loves us as it loves itself. Just as Joshua, Siddhartha Gautama, Lao Tsu and even Mohandas Gandhi told us to do with one another.

Of course science, being science had to make the thing all complicated by denying the existence of the All that Is. And, no matter what he truly believes, Laszlo had to go all round the mulberry bush to talk about the Akashic Record without talking about what it really is or where it really came from. He had to use big concepts like 'the coherence of cosmic ratios' and 'the tuning of the constant' and talk about how the universe as it is simply should not be.

But, when you come right down to it: "Love one another because you are One."
What could be more simple?

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