Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Imagine a universe that is breathtakingly beautiful.
Imagine a universe that is so complex that the human mind cannot begin to comprehend it.
Imagine a universe that is so simple that it and everything in it is composed entirely of vibrating strings.
Imagine a universe that is surrounded by a Void so all-encompassing, so all-pervasive that no-thing, not even space or time exists.
Imagine that the universe is expanding INTO that Void and, by so doing, is bringing into being all that is wondrous, amazing and beautiful in the universe within what had once been the Void.
Imagine an infinite number of universes—similar to ours and not so.

Then, know this:
Whatever you can comprehend, whatever you can understand, whatever you can imagine about this universe and all those others, the All that Is has imagined more.


TomCat said...

Wooo Hooo!! I'm get to be the first big mouth!!

I know just enough about higher math and physics to be able know that I don't even know the beginnings of what I do not understand.

Alien Citizen said...

Ditto on the Wooo hooo...I get to be the second big mouth I think :-)

I've been away from the blogging universe for a while...so busy with switching jobs, dealing with family stuff, and (most recently) starting a business on Etsy... http://yinyangwriter.etsy.com

Anyway, this is a great idea for a blog 2C...my universe has definitely just expanded.

leftdog said...

Great! Congrats on your new site! It's in my bookmarks now.

two crows said...

hi, TC--
woo hoo indeed.
at this point I have no idea how I'll follow up on this post.
the basics of the universe: what more is there to say? :)
wb, AC--
good to see you again. sounds like you've been one busy citizen----
I'll check out that link.
hey, Leftdog--
as noted above, I'm not sure how I'll follow up on this opener, yet.
I hope you'll drop back by and we can figure out that part together.

Dave Dubya said...

Very nice cosmic vibes.

It's about time. It's about space. So this is what December 31, 2009 looks like.

Please don't tell me McCain is president.

two crows said...

hi dave--
trust you to see my trick of how to keep something on top---

as to who is prez -- I have to move at such speeds to stay ahead, up here in 2009, I can't slow down enough to see what's going on in one nation on one small planet in one spiral arm of one fairly small galaxy.
you'll have to let me know when YOU get there. . . . :)

frostie said...

You never cease to amaze me...This site should be very exciting. I and most will never know the unknown, unless something in the future happens to change the entire concept of the universe as we know it now.
Most people are to restricted in their own thoughts to conceive more than one galaxy.
Good luck on your new blog site.

two crows said...

hi, Frostie and welcome to All that Is.

speaking of self-restriction: I put this site up as an antidote to all the democratic in-fighting going on right now.
there's nothing like a little contemplation of the universe to put things in perspective

TomCat said...

TC, I have no doubt that whatever do here, it will be worth the read.

two crows said...

hope so, TC--
in any case, it has to be better news than anything on the planet these days.

an average patriot said...

Wow that picture is wondrous and magical as is the universe. I will be checking to see what's up here. Take care!

LET'S TALK said...

There is so much that we don't know about the universe that anything that happens or go on is beyond man.

I love the photo two crows and I shall return.

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
sorry to have missed you earlier.
isn't that photo awesome?

it looks so much like my vision of a miniature version of the universe, it was the obvious choice for this post.
hey, Larry--
you said a mouthful there!

Ghost Dansing said...

heeheeheee.... all that infinite expansion makes me giddy....

two crows said...

hi, Ghost--
good to see you.
I've been away a while. no inspiration was hitting me upside the head. so, I just arranged everything in chronological order.

I'm hoping the universe will give me a dope-slap soon. till then, I hope people will keep dropping by and reading what's here -- till I can get inspired again.

susan said...

I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this too. I even shared your poem with a friend and gave her your blog address too.

two crows said...

thanks, Susan --
I appreciate the shout-out to your friend. I hope she finds her way here.

Anonymous said...

Dear All That Is,

My name is Barbara O’Brien and I am a political blogger. Just had a question about your blog and couldn’t find an email—please get back to me as soon as you can (barbaraobrien(at)maacenter.org)


two crows said...

hi, Barbara and welcome to AtI.

I attempted to respond via email and received an error message. why not just post your question here? or leave a valid email address and I'll respond privately.